Past Christoff Reports

Nov 11, 2022

Past Editions of The Christoff Reports....  

Detox Protocols for The COVID Injection

Is There Something Biblical Occurring

Vaccine Documentaries Special Edition

HPV Cervical Cancer Gardasil Vaccine Fraud

UK Royals And Ancient Egypt (Update)

Reality Check For The Vaccinated

The Real Anthony Fauci

14 COVID Documentaries

Did You Know?

Did You Know II?

How To Avoid Vaccine Induced Heart Attacks

Rant of The Year Maybe?

Build Your 4 Pillars Of Strength

6 Truth Based Podcast Options

Mind Control Edition

Mind Control In The Sitcom Friends

Word Magic At The Movies

My School Is Now Open For Registration

Common Items That Cause Brain Damage

Bad Food and Bad Behavior In Children

Turbo Cancer In The Vaccinated

Government and Corporate Pedophilia (meme has mistake in it)

How To Lead An Empowered Life 

Fake History That Leads You Astray


Must Have Healthy Christmas Gifts

Quit Your Job Or Die Taking The Shot

Last Chance To Become A Self Sabotage Coach - And Climate Fraud

Anti Depressants - Are They Safe and Do They Work?

Why Are These Scientists Sounding The Alarm - Vaxx Detox Protocols

90 Canadian Doctors Now Died Suddenly - Evil Spares No One

The Rise of Corporate Satanism - A Special Report

University Student Dies Suddenly

The Attack on Men - Weak Men Make For Easy Takeovers

Mind Control Edition

Houston We Have A Problem - A One Article Special Report

Illuminati Mind Control Movie Review - The Circle with Tom Hanks

Is Watching TV Really That Dangerous

The Easiest Way To Rule The Masses - Ancient Egyptian Rx Pharmakiea

Is Elon Musk On Our Side - The Hidden History of Elon Musk

Miscarriages Up - Sperm Counts Down - It's Time To Clean Up Our Bodies

You Won't Believe This Film - Please Share

Does This Man Have The Answers We Need?

Thanking Past Heroes 

28 Documentaries About COVID Fraud

Is This How We Finally Win Our Battle With Evil? Could It Be This Simple?

How To Avoid A COVID Vaccine Heart Attack - A Special Report

The Vegan Con - A Special Report

Lady Attacks Me On Social Media

How To Thrive in 2023 - Survival Podcast

The Top 3 Causes of Death in 2023

Should I Quit Alcohol in 2023?

This Is Where They're Going

 Is This Type of Death Good or Bad - You Tell Me 

Vaccine Buyer's Remorse Grips The World 

Can The Shot Change Your Legal Status As Human?

MK ULTRA Mind Control Program Exposed

Why Are Some People Still Complying? Monarch Programming 

People Are Taking Their Power Back 

Breaking New Documentary - Detox The Shot 

The Wheels Fall Off The COVID Scam

One Option For Leaving Your Job

You May Not Believe This

The Lies Hurting Women 

New Statin Drug Ambush 

Another Amazing Documentary - So Good

The 15 Minute City 

Fertility Issues In The Vaccinated - Fetal Demise at Record Levels

Holocaust Survivors Warn About The COVID CON 

Pfizer Whistleblower Reviews Shocking Documents

My Personal Health and Success Habits - How I Detox Daily 

Ancient Black Magic and The People Who Rule You - Hidden Secrets 

How To Detox The COVID Injection And All Vaccinations 

A Double Edition Of The Christoff Report 

Is This Super Toxin Hurting Your Health? Insider Information 

COVID Lies Explode To The Surface 

Why Are They Censoring So Much 

My Overcoming Self Sabotage Tall At No Charge

Why Are Governments Sexualizing The Children

Books and Videos That Changed My Life

Documentaries That Changed My Life

 Overcome Your Own Self Sabotage At No Charge 

Leaders Who Changed My Life 

Solutions You Can Easily Apply Today

Is This The Best Truth Video So Far? A Special Report 

Canadians That Are Helping To Change The World 

Child Trafficking 

Examples Of Word Magic 

Did Anyone Try To Warn The Public During The Roll Out?

15 Minute Cities Again 

The Depopulation Agenda

The Ultimate and Only Solution 

Mind Control and Brainwashing

The Government and The Trans Agenda 

Financial Abundance - Is It A Curse? 

Are Your Dreams Coming True?

Are We Being Tricked To Sacrifice Our Own Children?

Emergency Survival Podcast 

Do Viruses Exist? Yes or No?

Best Mind Control Video Ever? I Think So

Mind Control  - Fake Laughter In TV Sitcoms

COVID Truths Come TO Canada - It Was All Fraud

How Did We Do At Saving Grandma?

Can We Find Any Answers In Our Ancient Past?

Men Take The Lead Again Dressed As Women 

Powerful Videos Collection 

Doctor Reverses Her Child's Autism

Christoff Self Help Resource Guide

The Good. The Bad and The Ugly

What Did I Just Watch?

A Secret Meeting In 1969 - Guess What They Discussed?

A Couple Big Announcements 

Sunday News Report 

Canadian Bank Issues Its Obey or De- Bank Clause

 Is The Human Female Now A Direct Target?

18 Point Action List

Update from The EU Parliament

3 Reasons Why I Left Canada

3 Modern Attacks On The Female 

Wait Until You Hear This Story

Are There Any Benefits to Alcohol

Are All Vaccines Dangerous or Just Some?

Top 5 Self Saboteur Personalities

Global Warming - Science or Psy-Op?

My Past Life As A Perfect Slave

5 Reasons They Don't Want You Healthy

5 Concrete Reasons To Still Have Hope

How I Quit Cocaine

14 No Cost Fat Burning Methods

5 Breakfast That Make You Sick and Overweight 

Government and Battered Woman's Syndrome

Canada's Freedom Buy Back Programs.. BC Government - Their Cocaine Agenda

Is There Something Biblical Happening?

Excess Deaths Worldwide......Only In The Fake Vaccinated

10 Odd Medication Facts

The Oversexualized Female and The Engineered Death of Marriage

Woman Writes Me About Yesterday's Article 

10 Super Easy Tricks To Get Healthy Today

How Much Trouble Are Canadians Really In?

What Action Should You Be Taking?

What Are The End Goals? My Personal Predictions

The Great Reset Before This One

Ancient Child Sacrifice Cults

Zero Tolerance For The Lie

Watch Out For These 3 Phrases

Mind Control in Our Modern Time

Canada Goes Nuclear Woke 

Sneak Peak at My New Presentation

7 COVID Videos That Tell The Real Story

The Human Farming Operation

Black Magic Mind Control - A 6 Point Breakdown

8 Modern Attacks on The Female

Egyptian Manual on How To Raise The Dead

The Occult Origins of The Feminist Movement

Are We Winning - Three Examples of Us Winning 

Pornographic Content Entering Canadian Schools

The Weaponized Psychology Behind The COVID CON

Cancer - Special Edition

Social Media Influencers Who Took The Shot Very Sick - Black Community Truth Tellers

Government and Mind Control

You're Invited to Connect and Bond

Understanding The COVID CON Over The Past 3 Years

Knowledge and Strength Are The Answers

Focus On The Female

Mind Control Movie Review - Red Notice (with the Rock and Ryan Reynolds)

Mind Control Movie Review - A Star is Born (with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga)

Son of Lebron James Has Heart Attack 

 Top 3 Media and Government Mind Control Hacks

You Are Invited To Visit Me In Mexico - Bonding, Friendship and Connection Rituals

10 Fluoride Facts That Often Shock People

10 Hidden Facts About Ancient Egypt 

10 Hidden Facts About Coffee And Brain Function

Brand New Event - I'll Meet You There

5 Cons Set in Place Before The 2020 Attack

10 Things I've Learned Over the Last 3 Years

10 Cholesterol Facts Hidden From

The Weapons of Guilt and Shame

3 Keys To The COVID Con Job - Plus - One Powerful Solution 

Medical Doctors Request Proof Of Mind Control

COVID Vaccine Impacts In Canada

 Word Magic and How it's Used Against You 

Twitter's New X Logo and The Meaning of 666

Mind Control In The Music Industry

Insider From The Past Speake Out

The Infertility/Cell Phone Connection 

EVIL-nomics - The Rise of an Evil Economic System

Health Equity or Eugenic Campaign

David Icke on The New Jason Christoff Podcast\

Hidden Secrets of Mind Control

Emergency Survival Podcast

Mind Control During 9/11

Ancient Mind Control Being Used Today

Is Coffee a Mind Control Drug

Dr. Mark McDonald On The Jason Christoff Podcast

3 Amazing Inspirational Videos

Social Media Influencers Dying After The Jab 

Why The Fake Alien Roll Out In Mexico

Special Abundance and Business Edition - Your First Business Is Inside  

Mind Control in Politics - A Look At The US President 

4 Good Mind Control Videos

Word Magic In Our Daily Lives

My Travel Checklist

I Need To Lose Weight But I Can't

The Hero Trap

Finally Some Good News

More Good Things Are Happening 

Good New About Canada's Satanic Government

Israel Under Attack But How Did Hamas Get In 

The Truth About Coffee, AIDS and Vaccines

Top 10 Things That Cause Depression

New Documentary - Israel Update

The Ancient History Of Who Is Pulling The Strings In Our Modern World

Most Shocking Video This Year?

30 People at COVID V Clinic Die At Nearly Same Time 

Why Does Our Society Love Death  

Matthew Perry and Corrupt Medicine

Mind Control Work Magic

The Most Dangerous Person In The World Is...

Medical Doctor Tells The Entire Truth

Our Ancient Human Farmers - New Podcast

Is Your Cellphone Making You Sick

Public Service and Important Updates

4 Minute Video Tells All

5 Cultural Beliefs That Are All Lies

My New TELL ALL Article Is A Must Read

10 Christoff Christmas Gift Ideas

Why Are 'They' Trying To Kill or Injure Me?


My Warning To The World

Mind Control and Word Magic

Top 5 Signs You're Self Sabotaging

Top 12 COVID Videos From 2023

How To Create Your Best 2024

Learning Valuable Lessons From The Pain Teacher

Financial Safety in 2024 - Here's How

Brand New Mind Control Movie Review

Best Mind Control Explanation I've Done

This Man Targeted Me - So I Fired Back

My 10 Predictions for 2024

One Major Cause of Our Depression

My Personal Pain Over The Last 3 Years

Mind Control in The TV Show Laverne and Shirley 

8 Christoff Laws for A Successful 2024

Extremely Bad News For The Vaccinated

The Most Dangerous Form Of Mind Control

Canadian Government COVID Pedophiles

Nurse Speaks Out and Saves Her Own Life

Is Weed Safe? Yes or No?

Why Was I Addicted to Misery and Pain?

Top 10 Female Mind Control Agendas

Murdering Yourself - How They Trick You To Do It

New Supplement List For Detoxing The Jab

Agendas That Aim To Destroy The Female

Get Healthy - The Top 3 Threats To Your Health

7 Reasons Why The Truth Movement Is Failing

5 Odd Vaccine Facts

The Ancient Forces Behind The Last 4 Years

One Problem In The Truth Movement

Nurses Witnessed Patients Being Murdered

Indigenous and LGBTQ Groups Tricked By Government

5 Agendas Our Youth Need to Know About

Demons and Ancient Death Cults

Are Any Vaccines Safe or Effective?

Social Engineering in The Gay Community

All My Divorces and My Best Life

Truth Paralyzes Interviewer LIVE

My 3 Talks in D.C. This Weekend

All Talks From Washington

Our Biggest Threat Has Now Arrived

5 Beliefs That Prove Someone Is Under Mind Control

What They Don't Want You To Know

New Documentary - Whistle Blower Comes Forward

Pastor Exposes Incest/Pedophile Book In School

My New Podcast - Red VS Blue Mind Control

Do Baby Monitors Make Babies Sick?

Climate Change - Fact or Fiction?

My Most Aggressive Mind Control Presentation?

Whistleblower Interview Inside

Canada's Carbon Tax Kill Shot

Using Depressing Architecture To Control Citizens

Olympic Gold Medalist Contacts Me

Turning Kids Into Lifelong Entrepreneurs

Self Sabotage Explained

How Governments Invisibly Control The Public

Person Wants Both Penis and Vagina

10 Conspiracy Fact Videos

Simple Financial Protection Tips

Drug Addict Turned Business Success

Bizarre New Danger For Coffee Drinkers

2020-2024 - Four Years In Review

Cancer Dot Connector

Why Canadians Aren't Reacting

Self Sabotage and Mind Control

3 Stories of Immense Hope and Truth

Avian Bird Flu Special Report

NBA and NFL Stars Ask Me Questions

Females Now Under Extreme Attack

AstraZeneca C-19 Shot Removed Worldwide

Can You Catch A Cold? - 200 Studies Reviewed

The Chemicals Being Used to Wipe Your Memory

Doctors Paid Large Bonuses To Poison Children

Mind Control To Make Women Smoke

I Need You With Me In Geneva

My Geneva Speech on Poisons and Mind Control

Help For Depressed Children

3 Brilliant Examples Mind Control

My Personal Solutions For These Odd Times

Brilliant Leaders Step Forward To Help Your Family

Learn About Self Sabotage and Mind Control

Video Updates From The Geneva Protest

An Amazing New Documentary

Guy Mind Controls Entire Shopping Mall

Our Society's Obsession With Poison

Top 10 Attacks on Children and Infants

US Gov Starts Conscription For 18-26 Year Olds

Canadians Deceived For A Long Time

Were The Vaccinated Under Mind Control?

5 Psy-Ops That Are Complete

10 Hidden Secrets of Gov and Media Mind Control

 Becoming as independent as you can is no longer an option, it's an obligation to all of humanity. Taking back your health, your personal power and your income generation is how this dark, ugly and rotting system will be taken down. Everyone will put their backs into this drive to become stronger and more independent once again. Click below to see how I can help you achieve everything in that area of empowerment, in order that you and your family step into a better life in 2024. Take control, step into what needs to be done, take action and do your part. Learn from teachers who have already climbed the mountain.





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