Salt Bae VS Poison Bae - A Story About Our Modern Day Poison Based Death Cult

Jun 10, 2024

Not many people are going to even know what that title means, so let me explain. There's a very famous chef called Salt Bae. This chef is famous for his grilled meats but he's also famous for coming to your table and sprinkling salt on the steaks that he's prepared. The way he sprinkles the salt is very unique, flamboyant and has now become his trademark move. This has all landed him immense fame and fortune on the world stage. Here's a little clip of him below, sprinkling his salt in his trademark fashion, on a finished dish of grilled meat.

Now if we can just keep the picture of this man in your mind, it will help you envision POISON BAE. It doesn't matter where we go in our society, we find poison bae, a very generous sprinkling of poison on every single thing we consume in our society. The poison bae sprinkling of death on everything we need to survive has become our societal trademark, which of course is leading to the complete collapse of our entire species. This "poison bae love in" we're all experiencing right now will end our society as it currently stands, in less than 10 years. A new society will continue on beyond that 10-year mark, but it will involve nothing but lives of perpetual disease and misery plus an ongoing acceleration of premature death. 

Like everything else in our society, our culture's complete obsession with poisoning life right off the planet, is all based on mind control derived social engineering campaigns.....organized by ancient ruling families, who disguise themselves daily as our altruistic governments. Let's review some quick examples of our poison bae death cult.

In the realm of animals that carry life force within them, nothing ranks higher in etheric life measurement or charge than infants or unborn children. These miracles of creation have been known throughout the ages to carry the most life force imaginable. Newborns or even unborn children have also been recognized as being as close to God as we can possibly experience. According to the new poison bae religion that we have running the show down here on planet mental asylum, animals that are alive always require a generous springle or dose of poison. The general rule is.....the more alive, vibrant and healthy something is....the more poison bae salting it requires. 

In the land of the poison bae ideology (our dominate world culture at the moment), where everything alive requires this religious and official sacramental application of should come as no surprise that infants (and even our unborn) receive the most poison salting of anything inside this new poison-based religious control grid. 

From destructive ultrasounds (they're X-rays folks, they're not sounds) to treating pregnancy as an emergency disease situation (which requires as much poisoning as the parents will allow) and from infant baby formula (with the highest doses of brain damaging aluminum included) to nearly 30 applications of poison (we call vaccination) in the first 12 months of life in Canada and the US.........we're killing our children by our own hand because we've been living inside this poison bae religion so long, we can no longer use the eyes or brains God provided for us. We have broken our God given defense systems with poison.

Do you have a headache because you consumed some poison bae alcohol last night? Well, maybe you sprinkle some toxic Tylenol into your mouth, along with some poison bae fast food, as you sit rotting on the couch? Maybe that will satisfy the religious requirements of poisoning, inside our poison bae society? Do you have natural breasts that are fully functional and perfectly healthy? Excuse me, don't you know the rules down here inside the poison bae religious cult? Aren't you supposed to destroy everything that's alive and healthy with poison? Cut yourself open right away lady and put some toxic poisonous plastic fake breasts under your natural breasts, so the plastic poison can flow through your veins 24 hours every day. Well done, now you're going to be a higher-ranking poison bae disciple inside the poison bae cult.

Are you growing some food for your community to consume, on your farm? Well, you know you need to spray (sprinkle) poison on all that food, right? You know that water you need to drink? You know, the water you need to survive? Make sure to piss and shit right into that water and then allow the high priests of the poison bae death cult (in the white lab coats) to sprinkle some poison into it (like fluoride, chlorine, graphene etc) order to fake clean it. As you do of course, you must first find vibrant life (in all its natural God given glory) and then you need to make sure our clinically insane religious customs of poisoning are applied properly, generously and immediately. 

It doesn't matter if it's a parent celebrating their child's big win in school or on the field, who then takes their kid to some poison based fast food restaurant. Or it could just be a brain-dead drone bot repeater picking up their morning cup of poisonous coffee. Our society HATES nature, hates natural function, hates life, hates happiness, hates human potential, hates God and hates everything that the word God represents. Alcohol is poison, caffeine is poison, medications are poison, our food supply is mostly poison etc etc. Have you ever wondered why we're so in love with all these poisons? It's because we're taught to hate everything good inside of ourselves, and to destroy our own innate God giving human potential as Olympic sport. 

Instead, we've been tricked, using simple mind control tactics, to become these devout poison bae cult members.......destroying ourselves and our children every hour of every day. From circumcision to what we watch on Netflix and from one of my friends flying to another country to inject the fake (and poisonous) COVID-19 vaccine into himself to hospital patients being offered medical assistance in dying (when they're deemed too costly to keep alive)........we're being led to our destruction by pure evil masquerading as saintly organizations. Death and misery are a big business in our society........and business is booming, because of the poison bae cult rituals we've all been tricked to fall in love with. 

Just tell a poison bae death cult member that abortion is being debated in some part of the world  or that their injections of poison they call vaccines (that they love jabbing into defenseless infants) isn't good for them........they lose their f&^%ing minds. And they lose their minds because not only are they clinically insane, while believing that they're the perfectly sane backbone of our society. They're also publicly exhibiting the massive brain damage that such a poison-based obsession is bound to facilitate. Poison causes massive brain damage, illogical behavior and removes compassionate emotional capacity from the nervous system. Our society has been formed slowly overtime by evil, into a large vibrating mass of pleasure-seeking death cult goblins. 

The solutions are simple. If you're in love with any poison, any particular toxic substance or any process that destroys your life force or the life force inside of your're under a death centric mind control spell. At least start to recognize that medicine, science and government are the poison bae's of our modern society and that the people working within these dark, broken and rotten systems are the modern high priests of this poison bae cult.

I've been doing this for 20 years and seriously, we don't have too much time remaining to make these the poison bae cult is looking to cement their influence in all aspects of our society. Our evil leaders want the poison bae religious cult to become law across the planet.

In order to survive, we all need to first destroy the poison bae magic spells cast into us by our black magic death cult leadership in media and government. We all need to lead by example and then work our way outward from there. The most prolific, normalized and state endorsed poisons in our society (that people sprinkle on themselves much too frequently) are a) coffee and caffeine products b) alcohol c) marijuana and other narcotics d) processed food e) chemically laced personal care products f) over the counter and prescription medications and g) screen entertainment, which is basically poison for our minds. If you want peace back in your life, in your home and in your'll have to stop sprinkling these poisons into your mouth, into your psyche and into your karmic energy field. Thank you for reading this article. I've written over 3000 articles thus far. Please expect every article moving forward to become more sharp, aggressive and explosive. That's because there's very little time remaining before evil fully takes over this planet and casts our species into the darkest 1000-year period we've ever endured as humans on this planet. 


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