Is Our Civilization A Bee Farm?

Sep 13, 2023

I don't really think this will be a concept so farfetched that people won't grasp it. Actually, I think everyone reading this will catch on very quickly. This is a very important and eye-opening idea to consider, in regards to how our society is run and where the original idea came from. Before I get to the very obvious similarities between our cities and an apiary (a bee farm) let's first look at my favorite (and most dysfunctional) ruling group.....and their connections to "loving the bees". When you go down the rabbit hole of psychopathic mental defectives living off our energy, high atop the corrupt ruling pyramid, you'll always find the UK Royals. The UK Royals make the hair on the back of Satan's neck stand on end. If you happen to go a couple more levels down the rabbit hole, you'll discover that the current UK Royal family are connected to ancient Pharaonic blood lines out of Egypt. Not only that, as can be seen in the video below, these lovers of death and destruction are also obsessed with bees. Bees were a Royal Pharaonic symbol in ancient Egypt as well. Our misleaders have learned much from the bees and the beekeepers who farm them.

Bees of course are wild animals and you can't really steal their honey (their work value or food) easily when you find a hive in nature. Harvesting honey in the wild can lead you into areas of concern, where the bees may have natural defenses against you stealing what's rightfully theirs. Some natural hives may be high up on cliffs or tucked away deep inside a tree stump etc. You can indeed thieve what the bees produce for their own children in the wild (as honey is food for bees and their kids) but it won't be an easy process for the thief. That's when our ancient human farmers had an idea. What if they could build "fake bee cities" and bring the bees to them. Once the bees were closer and living what would appear to be easier lives of improved luxury, inside the man-made hives, then stealing the honey would indeed be easier and more efficient. In the end, a classic honey farm first builds very particular manmade dwellings for the bees, so that the bees have the basic infrastructure to set up shop and start producing their honey on site. After the operation is set up and the bees get to work, stealing their value and what they produce is much easier.

So what exactly do you think cities are? Do you believe cities are a natural occurring phenomenon or are they very clever and normalized beehive structure for order that we stockpile our work value for our children, which in the end is open for theft via our ancient and extremely evil human beekeepers? I believe that the most natural societal living developments would equate to something that the first nation's people used to live in. God's land, God's water, God's resources, God's food etc. That, I believe, is what natural humans would build if left to their own devices. It's also obvious to understand that the UK Royals and their mentally defective order takers took it upon themselves to travel the world murdering any first nation inhabitant who refused to be crowded into the unnatural bee hives called cities. The UK Royals have done everything possible to get first nation's people, who inhabited God's land, to move into the cities and start producing honey for these Royal architects of doom. Money is actually the form of honey our human farmers make us produce, which our social engineers then promptly steal........just like any other harvest cycle in a traditional apiary. 

To get the bees out of the hive, so they don't defend their work value and food that they make for their need an emergency. The traditional bee farmer will use "smoke" as the emergency (FIRE!), which drives the bees out of their fake beehives. That's when the orchestrator of the fake emergency (the bee farmer) opens up the hive, steals the honey (save what the bees need just to survive) and then resets the hive for the next round of pillaging. And just like the "smoke" emergency that's needed to separate the bees from their property, work value and what's rightfully theirs.......we humans down on our big city bee farms need the exact same "emergency" situation so that we separate ourselves from our accumulated wealth.

We as humans need the fabricated emergency, organized by our bee farmers (media and government) so we can open up and agree to have our value, food and energy stolen by the UK bee keepers. In the end, are we acting or thinking in a way (as humans) that would place us in a different category than regards to how we're farmed and separated from what we've accumulated, as we work around the clock inside our human bee hives? Cities are the bee hives, the media and the government are the beekeepers and 2020 was the beginning of a massive harvest period.......with too many fake and fabricated emergencies to count, all designed to separate us from our accumulated wealth. 

In 2020, our beekeepers fabricated a cyclical emergency. A COVID narrative made of pure wind, in order to get the bees (us) begging to be stolen from on all accounts and to separate the hard working human bees from their stocked piled wealth or work value. In Canada, the CEO of the Canadian bee keeping operation (Justin Trudeau who works for the UK Royals) said to the human bees that because of a fake crisis (which never existed) he had to give some of the human honey away to his friends over here and over there.......stealing our honey for himself and for the other parties involved with the worldwide bee keeping (and harvesting) operation. Below we see Trudeau (a paid employee of the worldwide human bee keeping operation) pledging his allegiance to the Queen Mother (the Queen Bee).....back when he was selected (not elected) to oversee the Queen Bee's Canadian human bee farm.  

All other former British Commonwealth Colonies are run in this exact same manner. The cities are the fabricated living structures for the human bees and the cities are decorated in a way where escaping back into the natural world would never be as fun, entertaining or exciting...compared to taking up refuge in the cabal operated bee colony. On the human bee farm, the human bees are given every fake feel good emotion under the sun and they're titillated to their heart's content.....with endless sport's ball games, the alcohol, the coffee, the marijuana, the fake feel good franken foods and the never-ending screens that leave them stewing inside a perpetual illusion of groovy visions and feelings. The UK beekeepers know how decorate the human beehive, so that returning to a hive in the wild would cause the city dwellers to shiver in fear. The human bees keep producing their honey for their human bee farmers to steal, not understanding that the entire concept they are living in is a carbon copy of how bee farmers trick natural bees to take up housing in fake manmade hives.....only to have their honey stolen by the bee farmers at regular intervals. Why work when other animals can be domesticated to do the work for you? In the end, we don't need these cabal UK beekeepers yet many people are simply addicted to take feel good emotions that living in the citiy provides them. The fake beehive cities are often too exciting to leave for the dumbed down human bees. 

Unfortunately the human bee farmers want all the honey this time and have no intention of leaving anything inside the hives (the cities) for any of the human bees to survive upon. This time the human bee farmers want it all and believe that they can finally achieve their ultimate end goal, if all the money is stolen from the public worldwide.

The UK Royals aren't who you think they are. They actually work for a very ancient and evil force on this planet and that evil force was indeed trapped here on this earth long ago, as many ancient scriptures have described. This ancient evil force believes that if all the money (your honey, work value, energy, electricity, chi, soul, life force etc) is stolen from all the bee hives worldwide........that it may provide enough energy and innovation to break free of this world and work itself out into the rest of Universe. There's something much bigger, evil and much more ancient going regards to all your honey being stolen. Do you know what's going on? Are you sure? You need to pay closer attention. You don't need to sit down and watch a movie tonight. You're already in one. 

Come work with me directly Sept 30th. You're not a bee. You're much more powerful than a bee. You're actually closer to that of a lion. The human lion is the only farmed animal on this planet that can hop the fence and destroy the other humans paid to farm them. Let me help you get your lion back Sept 30th. Click below. 


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