Cafe in Vienna vs Cafe in Canada - 10 Things You Need To Know

Jun 17, 2024
Vienna Cafe on The Left - Canadian Cafe on The Right. Let's break what's really happening here...
1. The people ruling us are ancient and they use every ancient trick in the book to disempower us.
2. Higher frequencies can enlighten, motivate and activate our highest IQ's, our deepest secrets and our cosmic drives of morality, ethics and justice.
3.  The people ruling us know this as well, so they purposely use ugly architecture against the masses, in order to lower human vibration as much as possible. This frequency, vibration and quantum physics war strategy (to disempower your enemy on an invisible level) is officially called "the uglification agenda"....and it applies to everything, not just architecture.
4. The first vibrational cannon volley launched at an unsuspecting North American public was the uglification of most architecture, under the guise of "financial efficiency, artistic evolution and functional utility"...... in order to make sure depression and uninspired living appeared as naturally occurring inside the collective.
5. Higher frequency architecture and what we call beauty transmits out into the world like a radio broadcast tower, affecting every living creature that lives within the area.
6. Beauty, on all fronts, (including beautiful architecture) is being purposely removed from the planet, only to be replaced by the uglification agenda.....on all fronts. Have you noticed the massive explosion of ugly people in the last 40 years? Have you noticed a full court press to tell these ugly people that they're beautiful....instead of trying to allow natural forces to motivate them to put in the work? Ugly just means unsymmetrical and beauty just means symmetrical. Have you noticed the "government's" protection of the ugly and unsymmetrical using words such as inclusion, equity, equality and purposely funding the uglification agenda? It was never about inclusion, equality or's about the ancient human farmers ruling us knowing the quantum physics of such frequency and understanding that "ugly" can be one of the most powerful weapons ever utilized, to invisibly remove the spirit and motivation of a targeted population. What you notice when you travel from Europe to North America is one thing. Ask any's the general depressed state of North Americans and that's because of the uglification of North America. (among many other covert and overt attacks on life, health and beauty itself)
7. When I sat in this exact Cafe in Vienna, I could literally feel my heart, my soul and my mind open to all the wonders and possibilities of the Universe. I was instantly inspired, enthusiastic, happy and the vibration of the design flooded every cell in my body and even entered my soul itself.
8. In North America, I would only travel from concrete box to concrete box, feeling down, disconnected, depressed and unmotivated.....never knowing it was an actual agenda, to keep me down and easily ruled from cradle to grave.
9. There's a BBC documentary called "Why Beauty Matters" and a newer documentary called "Old World Order", which both touch on these exact issues in part or in their totality. Ugly is a weapon, designed purposely to take the human potential out of humanity. Find a beautiful person or a beautiful building? Can you feel it? The higher energy is a real thing. Beauty motivates, inspires and energizes.
10. From ugly death centric tattoos to plastic surgeries (that destroy the natural and beautiful designed of the human body) and from fake wars designed to destroy ancient architecture to an uglied out Post Malone singing at the Super Bowl this year.......we're all drowning in the unmotivating uglification agenda. Always remember, beauty matters. They know it and this is a weapon used against you daily. If you want to vibrate at the highest levels imaginable and acquire the best life possible, remember one matters, symmetry matters and truth matters. Truth, beauty and symmetry are the same thing.......and that's why they're trying to destroy all three. 


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