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Jason Christoff runs an international self sabotage coaching school where students are educated on the subjects of mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification and psychological manipulation. Jason's students then use their knowledge in these areas to help reprogram their clients into better versions of themselves on all levels. Jason believes that the social decay we openly see in our world today has only come about because key players in our society are using this manipulative psychology against most of humanity. If we are to survive and thrive in the upcoming years Jason believes that each citizen must understand these processes, as to protect themselves from future psychological operations.

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Before Jason started giving presentations around the world on brainwashing, propaganda and mind control......he himself was under some of the deepest forms of self abusive mind control. As a young man Jason carried and acted out many common self destructive mind viruses, which circulate freely in our society today. These self loathing mind viruses infect many people in our modern time. Jason was blessed with business success at a very young age. This sudden financial windfall led him to discover that his rapid rise in business triggered what's known as dormant mind control programming, planted inside of him long ago by various mainstream media channels. This triggering of implanted dormant mind control programming led Jason down a very dark path in his early years. 

Self sabotage, which is based primarily on mind control, is all about destroying our own innate human potential as daily or weekly ritual.......even though all we want for ourselves is a better and more peaceful existence. If what we want in life is the opposite of what we're getting, self sabotage is definitely afoot. The vast majority of people today are rabid self saboteurs, which means most everyone could use some education on these very important topics. 
As folklore often goes, every master was once a disaster. Jason simply decided to make his mess his message. He overcame almost every addiction in the book using simply psychological reprogramming techniques and so can you. After Jason went public with his story of self destruction, his subsequent recovery and his teachings......that's when his career caught fire. Not only has Jason dedicated his own life to self improvement, by hacking the body's behavioral systems, he also teaches his custom reprogramming techniques to tens of thousands of people around the world. Jason now teaches his unique 5 Pillars of Strength System through his two flagship programs, which are..... a) his Overcoming Self Sabotage Coaching Certification and b) his POWER IN YOU PROGRAM (both adult and youth versions are available) 
Mind control, brainwashing and propaganda often come today with some dark or negative overtones.......but that doesn't have to be the case. Mind control and brainwashing can be used to make people's lives better as well. Today, these modalities of public control are obviously being used to accomplish some very nefarious end goals. Jason's mission is to use this psychological technology to better all of humankind. He not only lectures around the world on how mind control and brainwashing operate, he teaches his students and followers how to use the same psychological reprogramming tactics......so they can finally lead healthy, happy and abundant lives. Get on Jason's private email list in order to receive his free education on how to improve your life quickly and efficiently. Thank you for visiting Jason's website.


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