Podcast #186 - Jason Christoff - Seniors In The Crosshairs

- come hear the group talk in Romania - goes LIVE at this site starting Nov 18th - https://www.internationalcovidsummit.com/

- our talk in Brussels at the EU Parliament - got 4 billion views total worldwide - https://www.internationalcovidsummit.com/media

Seniors getting called for COVID jabs because of fake tests - https://www.bbc.com/news/health-66818046

The tests for COVID and everything else COVID is fake - my podcast explaining the depths of the fraud - https://soundcloud.com/user-50904611/podcast-124-jason-christoff-its-all-fake

9/11 - false flag - https://www.bitchute.com/video/TaL4XxiFDnA9/

Oklahoma city bombing false flag - https://odysee.com/@.:ac/A-Noble-Lie:1

excess deaths and injuries from the COVID jab were designed to bankrupt the western nations - https://www.brighteon.com/ce5c9586-3e87-4bbc-bad6-70b20ab8b61b

all vaccines are toxic, it's not just the COVID shot - https://bit.ly/3JDZNzl

Cult of the Medics documentary - a film about many hidden things, including the truth of blood donation - https://bit.ly/46rMjAh

The Crusaders are also reviewed in the above documentary as well

This documentary reviews a bit about Operation Paperclip and many other things hidden from the public - https://bit.ly/47hCk0G

Nazi Doctors Killing As Ordered - https://bit.ly/46lflAm and https://bit.ly/47d2YaZ and https://bit.ly/3QxtWTi

A documentary about government killing the seniors - https://bit.ly/43yx0TP

Mind Control Documentaries - https://bit.ly/3uaVQgq

Doctors killing themselves, as well as their patients - https://substack.com/@makismd

Ventilators and remdesivir also killing patients, as is the design - https://bit.ly/40HaisS

Canadians killing seniors in care homes because they were told to - https://edition.cnn.com/2021/02/28/americas/canada-care-homes-pandemic/index.html

Canadian government teaming up with doctors to murder Canadians under MAID system - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/we-have-to-act-right-away-pro-life-canadians-urge-mps-to-support-bill-stopping-euthanasia-expansion/

What TRANS people aren't told about being TRANS - https://odysee.com/@whatsherface:2/The-HORRORS-of-TRANSITIONING!:e

Israel Invasion article - https://courses.jchristoff.com/blog/israel-under-attack-but-by-whom

My death cult article - https://courses.jchristoff.com/blog/the-formation-of-a-death-cult-society

My who's pulling the string in our world article - https://courses.jchristoff.com/blog/the-ancient-history-of-who-s-pulling-the-strings-in-our-modern-

Best book on health ever written - https://shop.chekinstitute.com/en-eu/products/how-to-eat-move-be-healthy