Top 12 Videos in 2023 Proving COVID Vaccine Fraud

Dec 12, 2023

I get hundreds of videos every month to comb over, regarding what's really going on in the world today. I don't have all the answers but I have been researching in this capacity for 25 years. After 25 years, certain patterns become very obvious and I write about those patterns often. The videos I receive cover a wide range of topics. I know my 250,000 readers across all social media, trust me enough to filter these videos for them, in order that only the most accurate and hard-hitting information makes it into my publications.

I do realize that most people don't have the time to effectively process the immense volume of information circulating today and that's why I've documented the top 12 videos for 2023, which tell the truth about the fake COVID vaccine and the genocidal COVID operation.....launched at the public in early 2020. This euthanasia-based operation is not only still going on today, the toxin laced concoction injected into a heavily coerced and mind-controlled public degrades the body's tissues very slowly overtime. This slow kill/soft kill injectable witch's brew is only accelerating death and disease around the world today, with no official organization sounding the inform the public that only the people who complied with the coercive mind control are presenting death and injury statistics above standard and historical background levels.

Anyone who has taken this shot, even if they feel fine, needs to start detoxing this euthanasia-based toxin, placed in different quantities within the shots, erodes the internal organs slowly overtime.... in order to give the government and medical assassins plausible deniability when their victim's bodies start to fail. 

Top 12 Videos in 2023 Proving COVID Vaccine Fraud.....

1. Dr. Michael Palmer explains clearly that the COVID injection, which wasn't a vaccine, was definitely designed to kill and cripple. The COVID injection is a genocide and depopulation medical application, which became voluntary.....due to the most intense mind control and propaganda campaign ever launched at the general public. It's a 100% guarantee and a provable fact. Click here to see Dr. Palmer's video testimony. 

2. A whistle blower from New Zealand (who had access to that government's COVID data base) proves with ease that people who took the COVID injection in New Zealand are dying en masse compared to people who didn't take the same injection. The shot is killing and crippling the public. The link provided goes to one of my articles, where the video in question is provided first in the article. Click here to see this whistle blower's video testimony. 

3. Canadian Denis Rancourt could be the most accurate statistics analysis expert in the world today. Rancourt resembles a computer in human form, when you meet him and talk to him in person. Rancourt proves conclusively, via statistics from all around the world, that each country recorded massive numbers of deaths, directly after the injection. ONLY AFTER THE INJECTION. Rancourt estimates that 17 million people have died directly from complying with the media and government's heavy-handed endorsement of the experimental medical product....which again, the totality of evidence firmly points to the injection being for democide and depopulation purposes. Click here to view a short interview with Denis Rancourt. Click here for the longer version.  For Denis Rancourt's presentation on the Romanian Palace of The Parliament in Nov 2023, please click here and find DAY 1....then scroll to the right to find Rancourt's speech. 

4. Pharmaceutical insider turned whistleblower (Karen Kingston) unpacks the latest pieces of the puzzle, during her discussion in relation to the State of Texas now suing Pfizer on a multitude of criminal charges. Karen is a very important figure in regards to the COVID story, as she warned of exactly what has now happened very early on in the COVID psychological operation. She centers her legal analysis on Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla who repeatedly told the public that the COVID injections were safe and effective, when he knew via his own company's data that the injections were a) not safe b) not effective and c) fatal on many different fronts.....including mass negative impacts to fertility, cancer growth and spread, plus a whole host of other causes of systematic disease in the human body.  Click here to see Karen Kingston's testimony.  Kingston appears twice on this list, as does Naomi Wolf. Their testimonies will electroshock any sleepwalker back into reality. 

5. Former White House Advisor inside the Clinton Administration, Naomi Wolf, not only explains the complete fraud and farce of the COVID vaccine trials (please remember that this injection never qualified as a vaccine at any time) but she also describes the absolute devastation this injection was designed to inflict on human health, human lifespan and human fertility. A well-orchestrated depopulation agenda, full stop, no exceptions. As to why the ruling 1% want to depopulate the slave class, I have an article at the bottom of this list, which will make sure everyone understands the financial benefits reaped by our human farmers when our families are murdered in this fashion. Click here to view and listen to Naomi Wolf's testimony. 

6. In this video Alexandra Latypova discusses the paper trail that provides concrete evidence that the entire COVID operation was run by the United States Department of Defense and that the design of the entire operation (from front to back) was to harm and kill anyone who eventually succumbed to the very intense barrage of psychological manipulations coming out of all government and mainstream media channels. Click here to listen and hear Alexandra's Latypova's testimony. 

7. Pharmaceutical industry insider Karen Kingston is here on the list again, reviewing the tens of thousands of documents released by Pfizer, regarding their fake COVID vaccine and their fraudulent injection trials. Pfizer's own documents clearly state that the shot was never safe and effective and was never designed or tested to be safe and effective. The same documents clearly prove that the injection was also a bioweapon, under the government's very own definition for what qualifies as a bioweapon. Anyone who has taken the shot needs to apply the detox at the top of this article immediately. Click here to listen and hear Karen Kingston's additional testimony. 

8. Acclaimed legal researcher Katherine Watt comes across documents that present clear evidence that the COVID operation was again run by the US Department of Defense, with the objective being to injure and remove vast numbers of the population (some immediately and more overtime as the injection ingredients fatally erode human tissue slowly as time passes). Again, who benefits from such a depopulation and injury plan and what are the concrete benefits to the ruling !% for such a eugenic operation? I answer that question below in the last link, which will take you to my article explaining why this is happening. Click here to view and listen to Katherine Watt's testimony. 

 9. Naomi Wolf makes this top 12 list again, with another explanation of what was found inside Pfizer's fraudulent fake vaccine trial data. The reason Naomi Wolf has to speak many times on the same data, is because Pfizer tried to legally obfuscate their role in the COVID eugenic operation, by releasing the data over 1 full year, with many tens of thousands of pages being released every month. Such a slow release of the trial data, after the shot was already killing and crippling en masse, simply helped keep the injection abattoir humming along. The primary factor driving people toward their premature deaths and failing health from 2020 onward wasn't was the science of psychological manipulation. Click here to listen to and view another choice explanation from Naomi Wolf.

10. Dr. James Thorp explains that the spontaneous abortion rate, associated with a woman taking the fake COVID vaccine, in the first trimester............actually exceeds the effectiveness of the most lethal abortion pill currently on the market. Click here to listen and view Dr. Thorp's testimony.

11. Dr. William Makis explains to a Canadian audience, the massive corruption and die off from the COVID injection in Canada. The Canadian government is one of the most evil governments on the planet at this point, hiding the excess mortality data and injection death/injury numbers purposely from the Canadian public....which are directly related to the COVID injection. The Canadian government is also punishing doctors as quickly as possible, if those moral doctors try to warn their patients of the politest and most well-organized genocide in recorded history. The Canadian government has been told to bury Canadians with this shot and to also bury anyone coming forward, who tries to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You won't believe this talk by Dr, William Makis. Click here to listen and watch his testimony. 

12. And to end this 12-point list I provide a link to over 90 documentaries proving that every aspect of COVID was a fraud. Here's another link proving everything you've ever been told by medicine, science, media and government about vaccines in a complete and utter fraud as well, all designed to keep you a more easily ruled slave in your broken/poisoned state. Vaccines are nothing more than injections of poison that help better control, manage, govern and manipulate the slave class who end up being diseased, dysfunctional, depressed, disoriented and financially their poisoned state. When you're poisoned, weak, dependent and brain're a non-threat to the people who farm you on this planet. It wasn't just the COVID injection, it's many more injections than you could ever imagine. If you investigate the wide array of medical injections you're going to find high crime poisons in most of them, if not all of them. From the vitamin K shot to even allergy injections (toxic aluminum in most of those options).......keep investigating, most carry extremely dangerous poisons to human health. This  "poison the slaves into submission operation" has been in play down here on planet mental asylum for a very long time. 

And if anyone tries to tell you that there was a weaponized virus out of Wuhan, they will always have an undisclosed conflict of interest that they're not making public. Either their personal identity (their personal views of how the world works, which provides them psychological feelings of safety) or their professional identity (their income) are tied directly to the idea of viruses in general. I'll leave you with one piece of information. You don't need fake testing, fake death statistics, fear-based propaganda, hospital protocols that accelerate death (like ventilators and remdesivir), financial incentives for doctors to not only kill their patients but to lie about the cause of death and you also don't need a genocidal injection...........if there's a weaponized virus killing people. The only time excess mortality skyrockets is when people inject themselves with the poison. That's it. Full stop. End of story. No exceptions. The word virus and the word poison actually mean the same thing in ancient language. There's nothing invisible killing us, which floats in the air. There is indeed something visible killing us and the people behind this scam of scams want us believing in viral ghosts that we can't see, so we never recognize that what's killing us is hiding in plain sight. What's killing us and our loved ones and what's injuring us and our loved ones (at an unnatural and highly accelerated rate)... has always been state sanctioned poison. 

And if you want to know why this ancient group of pirates are killing us with injections of poison and why the same group also sprinkles poison on everything else we need to live on this planet, click here

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