Something Is Wrong In Canada

Jun 05, 2023

Each country is a separate mind control experiment and always has been. We have of course been taught in the government schools that each country is separate, run by the wills of the people who live there and that the politicians are extensions of the different people in each country. Sounds nice, right? Well, this illusion has now paralyzed Canadians (and most people in other countries) into a fatal form of inaction and fabricated belief, which is now fueling their rapid decline into a form of 5th generation warfare genocide. 

This blatant lie (that each country is run by the vote of the people) was exposed long before the COVID lockstep operations, where all the countries did everything in unison....all orchestrated by an unelected body at The WHO and The WEF. This video below is a prime example of the fake countries agenda......with former Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper (in 2003) giving the exact same "terrorism 9/11/lets invade oil rich areas in the middle east based on a lie" speech, as former Australian Prime Minister John Howard gave (only 2 days apart). Now if the countries were different and run by different people.......who is writing these speeches and what group has the power to force each fake leader to read the same speech? Well, that answer has been the same throughout all of recorded history, which is reviewed thoroughly in this documentary titled Cult of The Medics. 

The people masquerading as our altruistic governments aren't there to serve the people and never have been. The countries aren't separate and aren't ruled by the will of each group of citizens in each country. Our misleaders have been leading us astray purposely for decades until their mouse trap was complete and now, unfortunately, that mouse trap is very close to completion. The Canadian mouse trap, from what I see, could be the most fatal and genocidal to roll out in a world of fake countries, who are all facing the same non-elected takeover the Canadian public are still living inside a very deep illusion-based comfort coma. The government predatory wolf is about to devour the Canadian public whole if they don't start connecting the dots, instead of looking mindlessly at each Indvidual dot as being in no way connected to the next. Again, each country is a separate mind control experiment, being organized under a separate set of research criteria. The Canadian mind control applications are extremely strong, the Canadian illusions are iron clad and a nationwide form of Marxist/cultural laziness has the entire nation on the ropes. Throw in that a large portion of Canadians are addicted to perpetual pleasures/short-term gratifications....and it's easy to see that Canadians are squarely between the crosshairs of this ancient ruling group. How Canadians were turned Marxist and communist by their own government, media and government school system can be easily understood by watching the documentary at this added link. Canada is sinking faster than the Titanic, after it hit that iceberg, and yet most Canadians are still partying on deck like everything is perfectly fine. This is going to get as ugly as it historically can get. Mass democide is happening right now and more is scheduled just around the corner, unless Canadians surround all their government buildings and demand everyone come out and go home, to await prosecution for crimes against humanity.

The star graduates of the government school system (I being one of those star graduates long ago) have a hard time recognizing these obvious truths because it flies in contradiction to their government school programming. Here in the video below, we have Justin Trudeau being sworn in as Prime Minister and of course something is very odd regarding who he pledges his loyalty, secrecy and allegiance to. Why isn't he pledging his loyalty to the Canadian people, to Canadian law, to The Canadian Constitution, to morality, to ethics, to truth and to justice? Sometimes the best place to hide a massive lie is always in plain sight, as long as you provide the people you're lying to some historical bread and circuses, in order to dumb them down and to keep their minds busy elsewhere. As Canadians were drinking beer and watching Hockey Night in Canada, the people organizing this bread and circus show were given all the time and space they needed to set up the great Canadian ambush in 2020. Today we have the end product, socially engineered long ago, a clump of 37 million in Canada mostly removed from every skill necessary to survive in God's natural world......under constant threat by their fake government that this fabricated living model will be removed from them if they don't do exactly what the fake government tells them.......up to and including demanding that the public inject documented poison into themselves and their own children.. and commit suicide en masse. It's like Jonestown, but country wide.

Yes, something in Canada has gone very wrong yet to get this "very wrong" scenario moving, structural weakness had to be impregnated into the Canadian population before this attack was ever launched in 2020. Many Canadians are so weak spiritually, financially and physically that they appear to have willingly complied with their injections of documented poison, just as long as they could have one more sip of wine, watch one more day of Netflix, drink one more Tim's double double, take one more shitty 1 week vacation and watch one more Hockey playoff series. The government murdering their own citizens in Canada appears to be getting very minimal push back from the heavily sedated, indoctrinated, tranquilized and distracted populace. The wolf's mouth is full of Canadian blood and that wolf is still hungry...very hungry.

And as for the group Trudeau was pledging completely allegiance to, well that group also owns and runs the United States as well.......which is very odd because again, the government schools teach us to believe the opposite of what can certainly be proven concretely in very short order. Yes, the countries are fake and are run by one ruling group. We've been conned and the final curtain is now coming down, if people don't start connecting the dots. 

Why do you think every President of the United States (save one) can be traced back genetically to one particular King of England? And yes, that's how long you've been getting conned. This con job goes back generations and generations, to the point where you've completely lost any sort of historical perspective regarding how elaborate this con job is.......because you were born right into the middle of it. Start connecting the dots instead of waiting for your government employed schoolteacher to connect those dots for you. No slavery-based system will ever teach you how to be free and no employee or slave master will ever tell you how to leave the plantation or inform you about how evil slave master really is.

If the governments were all different, why did they all roll out a proven bio-weapon (the fake COVID vaccine) on their populations, all at the same time in unison? Why did each country have financial rewards in place to fake COVID death and case statistics, so the criminal media would have the false fear propaganda they needed to drown the public in? Why did each country use a false and fraudulent RT-PCR test to fake COVID cases into the stratosphere? Why did each country attack seniors first with the fake COVID vaccine bioweapon, given seniors provide the most state profits when removed from circulation? Why did each country all implement the use of ventilators, when 50-80% of patient put on ventilators died? Why endorse remdesivir for patients worldwide, when this drug was proven to cause a 50% morality rate or more in patients via kidney failure? Why did all governments attack medical doctors and scientists who questioned the very obvious lies that the government and media were putting out? It's because you've always lived in an illusion, the illusion is now too expensive and laborious to maintain plus they need you wiped off the chess board so they can con the next generation coming after you.....and start the human farming operation once again with a fresh herd of human cattle, who then believe the lies told to them at their government schools.  

If murdering people with a fake COVID vaccine wasn't bad enough, the Canadian government is now trying to fortify its genocidal mouse trap for all Canadians, with the various chess moves listed below. I guarantee you that all Canadians will awaken to this murderous rampage but as history proves, for most.....the awakening will come too late. Canadians need to do the right thing at the right time.......because doing the right thing at the wrong time (when you're already being loaded on the cattle cars and moved into a 15-minute concentration camp) means you've finally acquired the courage to save yourself when the time for that has long past. Connect the dots below......

1. The Canadian government is removing the guns of Canadians slowly but order that a full citizen's genocide, without resistance can be organized. Click here. It's like the lions in Africa getting together and passing legislation that all the other animals can't defend themselves when the lion attacks. This sort of legislation has been instituted throughout history before mass genocides have been organized by fake governments, so that ruling families can steal the wealth of the public through murder. 

2. The Canadian government is organizing a suicide by medical system program called MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying) for the mentally ill, the poor and anyone (including children) who find that it's too hard to deal with the Canadian government's perpetual efforts to destroy them and make them absolutely miserable. Click here. Yes, the government can find hundreds of millions for the Ukraine and for fake COVID vaccines but can't seem to find any money to help Canadians lead better lives......but can certainly afford to kill any Canadian who asks via suicide by doctor. It's enough to make Satan himself blush and quickly turn away..giggling with envy.  Click here to listen to a very innocent Canadian man offered MAID just because he wouldn't take a fake COVID vaccine to enter the "health care system". Again, completely satanic. 

3. Canadian staffers have been found poisoning Canada's waterways, in order to pollute our water and food supply. The Black Plague was organized in the same way, via poisoning of city wells...same group then, same group today. Click here. Other Canadians on the prairies are also telling stories of Canadian government staffers polluting their wells and killing their livestock. Click here.

4. The Canadian government has openly funded the largest cricket factory in the entire world, in order to add greater illusions to a fake and fabricated climate change agenda. The truth is simple. Crickets interfere with the production of cholesterol if consumed, making the human brain extremely stupid and making the human body extremely weak. Stupid and weak people are easier to murder, control, manipulate, govern, steal from and lie to. 

5. The Canadian government is making the fake and fabricated climate change agenda their favorite excuse to destroy Canadians where they stand, if they happen to be standing at all after the genocide based COVID injection. Now the Canadian government is saying that Canadians "eating food" is bad for the climate.......but that agenda is fake and fabricated and was proven fake and fabricated 30 years ago.

6. Point #5 above is about the fake Canadian government organizing what Stalin did, what Mao did and what this group has done to the public over thousands of years on this planet.......starve them to death and steal their wealth. This ancient group doesn't just use fake government policies to starve the people. This group openly engages in sabotage as is evident in point #3. We see this sabotage openly with fertilizer train car derailments in Canada. did that happen? Gee, I wonder. Nothing to see here, focus on the dots, never connect them. That's what the media and government keeps telling you......none of this is connected, keep watching the TV and drinking your wine. It's all connected. Wake up and protect yourself. You're permitted to defend yourself if someone else is trying to murder you, regardless of what costume they're wearing at the time. It's your most basic human right to defend your life and the lives of your family.

7. Canada's TD Bank has now issued it's "Obey or Debank Clause" so that if you want to keep your guns, not inject yourself with poison, not eat the crickets, don't want to turn your kid trans and don't want to live inside a 15-minute concentration camp....the government (ancient ruling families) will remove your access to your own bank account. Death or death? What's your choice? There's a third option they're hiding from you. Remove the ruling families and their misleaders from the government buildings and tell them that they're all under house arrest until morality is reinstated and the criminals their assets seized and returned to the people. 

8. Canada has purposely printed massive amounts of fake fiat currency during a fake COVID crisis, in order to channel funds toward ruling family members, thus causing massive price inflation for regular Canadians. The COVID hysteria was also fake and fabricated, in order to close local businesses and funnel greater profits to large companies controlled by ruling family groups. Poor people are easier to control, lie to, manipulate, steal from and govern tyrannically.

9. The Canadian government is installing TRANS depopulation agendas in all government schools throughout the country. Click here to see the damage this psychological operation is doing to children around the world. The ruling families want to remove the public in any way possible. Chemical and surgical castration of the children is just one modality of this depopulation agenda.....but it's nowhere near the only soft kill or even hard kill eugenics operation that all fake governments are openly engaged in today.

10. Not to mention other dots that need connecting........Bill C-11 which means this criminal group will decide what information the Canadian public receives, Bill C-36 where doctors in British Columbia have to euthanize the public BY LAW on behalf of ancient ruling families or they will be fired or fined, the perpetual attack on religious freedoms in Canada, the criminalization of medical professionals when they try to protect their patients from a government euthanasia, the legalization of all hard drugs in BC and soon to be in Ontario as well, the BC government gives approval to manufacture and sell cocaine, a Canadian school teacher has declared that 2 + 2 = 4 is racist, 15 minute cities starting in Canada, and how do you even describe THIS...etc etc. Now, Canada pushing to make all natural supplements illegal because you can't govern healthy, empowered and independent people. Canada also sneaking in the digital currency in through the back door, so they can tell you "take the vaccines that will kill you or we will take your money". And what about Chinese police stations in Canada? I could make point #10 many pages long. There are other countries not this insane and communist. Click here to investigate getting out of Canada before you need to leave in a body bag, just to enjoy your shitty one week vacation down south. 

Are you ready to connect the dots yet or will you simply allow the government and their friends in the state controlled media to keep telling you that all these dots are completely unconnected? To sum up everything you just read above, please watch this BRAND-NEW documentary. It's called The Great Awakening. The movie starts at the 1 hour and 34-minute mark. CLICK HERE. You'll need to react eventually. You can react when there's time to make logical movies or you can react when it won't matter what you do. There is no door #3.  

Some videos are below to help people understand the cultural landscape in Canada and the mind control that forbids Canadians from seeing the trash bonfire their country has become. The first two videos are honest reviews of Canada. One gentleman was set to visit for 1 week and left after 2 days, after visiting Toronto Canada. He quickly left the country because of the woke left obsession held by the population there. The inverted citizens of Toronto are under the deepest forms of propaganda and mind control...being completely obsessed with flipping society directly on its head, where up is down, black is white, right is wrong. slavery is freedom and poverty is wealth. The second gentleman immigrates to Canada and after many years, he simply understands firsthand that Canada is worse than the country he fled from and that Canada is on a crash course for disaster. Canadians are very obviously oblivious to this because of the well-engineered communist comfort coma they've been set to live within. The man in the second video is also planning to flee Canada because it's just too painful to stay, after understanding the false narrative Canada is selling to the world, in comparison to the reality he's experiencing on the ground. 

The third video below will give everyone a firm understanding of the government mind control most of the world is under. This gov-love mind control is extremely deep in Canada and that's why the population in Canada are very obedient to the social engineering that's designed to destroy them where they stand. The fourth video is simply comic relief, regarding your average citizen's insistence that psychopaths rule over them and steal their money. It's good to end this article with some sharp comic relief. Just an FYI. You don't need psychopaths ruling over you and stealing your money, as they dress up as something called government. Your life would be better without any of that. True story. 






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