Show Notes for Emergency Survival Podcast March 31 st 2023

Mar 31, 2023

Listen to the podcast by CLICKING HERE 

Show notes for the podcast are below.......some corrections are cited below at the very bottom of this article 

The Code Documentary - Predicting The Future Through Data Collection - 

Food distributions centers destroyed in the US - 

Government workers caught poisoning river in East Coast of Canada - 

The climate change hoax is directly addressed in the first chapter on the documentary series Cult of The Medics - 

15 Minute Cities - 

Gay Community Pushing Back On Grooming Children - 

Viruses don't exist - none, zero, nada, all fake -  and  and and  and 

SARS-COV-2 never proven to exist - 

TV and movie screens are military weapons that change human behavior - 


Payload 1 - 
Payload 2 - 
Covenom-19 - 
65 documentaries proving COVID fraud - 

Dr. Makis - broadcasters dying and collapsing as well as performers facing the same fate - 

Dr. Makis Canadian children dying in sport - 

Explore pilots, newscasters and entertainers collapsing and some dying via the mechanism described, on Dr. Makis's substack page - 

Thousands of athletes dying and collapsing after their shots on the field- 

There isn't a population problem - 

Democide - murder by government - 

Dr. Mark Trozzi - Facts about swine flu - 

Attempting to remove co-pilots so more people die - 

Truck driver loses consciousness - 

Bus driver dies at the wheel - 

Drivers losing consciousness and dying at the wheel - 

Car vaxxidents happening all over the world - 

Thllium - 

Paul Leendertse - 

Documentary - Cathy O'Brien -   Trance

All government is illegal, immoral and illegitimate -  and 

Remdesivir is killing patients - 

Ventilators are killing patients - 

Chemtrails may contain the same capsules in a different form- 

Bill Gates - "the next one will get attention this time" = 

Detox supplements - if you have not taken the shot, use daily at recommended dose - if you took the shot, double the recommended dose - ZINC only take 4 days on/4 days off - regardless of vaccine status

Astaxanthin – 
NAC – 
Glutathione powder – 
Quercertin – 
Vitamin D –  (sunshine is best)
Milk Thistle – 
Melatonin – 
Proteolytic Enzyme- Nattokinase - 
Multi Vitamin – 
Fish Oil – 
Vitamin C- fresh orange is best - 

Zeolite spray is also essential for detoxing pollution - 

Also good for removing glyphosate is Biome Medic from Purium - if you don't know a distributor please contact my friend Sarah Brandow at - [email protected] 

Same people also suggest organic non processed tabacco and Ivermectin, which are also indicated to disable snail and snake venom.

Coffee Enema Instructions and Company: Basic Coffee Enema Procedure and Recipe | S.A. Wilson's Gold Roast Coffee ( - please conduct twice per week if you've taken the shot - once per week if you have not taken the shot Basic Coffee Enema Procedure and Recipe | S.A. Wilson's Gold Roast Coffee (

This is a great resource to walk you through everything having to do with doing a coffee enema - Show Notes for Emergency Survival Podcast March 31 st 2023 (

If you've taken the shot, please find an IV specialist for straight line vitamin C and glutathione IV applications.

Explore other detox protocols - 

Plasmid - Optin - Healing Genesis Reloaded

Get faraday (wifi blocking) sleeves for your tech - SLNT® 

Faraday clothing -  Faraday Gear – Invisible Threat Protection

Wifi blocking tech that I use - get 25% off - 

Bluetooth Signals coming off the vaccinated - 

Unvaccinated blood issues - unvaccinated people need to detox as well - 

internet hard wiring tech for house - start simple - 
Good tech to make hard wiring easier and to shut off wireless router completely - 

Schools jamming in 5G when we were in lock down - 

Explore Mexican residency with myself and my Mexican relocation expert - 

Seniors being killed in long term care homes, which are just kill boxes - 

Hershey chocolate containing poison - 

Baby formula containing poison - 

Computer expert reviewing how to protect your tech against data harvesting - 5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Big Tech, Big Brother and Thieves Who Spy on You Without your Consent. (

Please donate to The International COVID Summit if I have ever helped you in anyway - International Covid Summit - Donate 

***correction - Paul Leendertse is not a medical doctor - I've know Paul for 15 years - this was a slip of the tongue - sorry Paul

******correction - Thulim isn't the most toxic substance on the planet, I was confusing it with another earth element but some isotopes of Thulium are indeed radioactive, it is toxic and it has no reason to be inside a medicine you inject under your skin,


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