My Warning To The World

Dec 01, 2023

It's not just a warning in this article. There are solutions also listed. I'll start with my warning and I'll keep this short. First of all, here's the latest video proving (for the 1000th time over the last 4 years) that the COVID injection was a genocide-based application, designed to kill and injure. If you haven't watched this video, you really need to watch it right to the end. 

And for good measure we'll also put in Canadian medical doctor Dr. Michael Palmer right here in the article (for the people in the back row who still don't understand what's happening) as this Canadian medical doctor states for the record that the COVID injection isn't a vaccine and that it was designed to kill and cripple....full stop. You could also click here for 96 documentaries that prove the exact same, in part or in full. 

And here's the warning, although I could say much more about the first video above and much more about the ancient group organizing this cull........knowing that our ancestors have most likely been culled in the exact same ways for generations and generations on this planet. The warning is this, there's something called The WHO's Pandemic Treaty. The WHO is a criminal terrorist organization, full stop. If this Treaty gets through, organized by these ancient ruling families masquerading as your governments and non-governmental three letter organizations, you'll be forced to take this slow kill or fast kill death injection (depending on what batch you get) ......or you'll lose everything you own. Then after these ancient pirates lay claim to every asset you've ever squirrelled away (down to the pennies between the cushions in your couch) they'll most likely force you to take the death injection anyway. Dr. Meryl Nass explains what's going on with The WHO's Pandemic Treaty below. Pay very close attention here. This is very important for your life and the lives of your loved ones. 

The solutions are simple. Every single person on this planet, including the very naive police, military and government staffers, are targeted for removal via genocidal injection. The reason this ancient ruling group is doing this is to complete a cycle of theft via murder (of most world assets), and then to simply restart the human farm once again, with a new group of human livestock, who will have no idea as to what happened in the past......because the history once again will be rewritten. The first round of death by injection was voluntary and yes many people fell for the voluntary euthanasia because it was a psychological mind control operation unlike any other in recorded history.  

Dr. Meryl Nass offers solutions to The WHO's Pandemic Treaty on her website DOOR TO FREEDOM. Every government in the world right now is trying to hide from their citizens that this Pandemic Treaty (mandatory death by injection) is headed for approval planet wide in May of 2024. In most countries in the world, there are already circulating petitions against the Pandemic Treaty and many countries are already in the process of rejecting it. The government actors, occupying the bastions of evil, are currently preparing for the injection-based slaughter and the financial windfall they've all been promised for sacrificing their own citizens to some very ancient and dark groups on this planet.

Sacrifice central are the very obvious countries.......Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and all former commonwealth nations. The UK Royal family aren't who they say they are and the people on the TV pretending to be your leaders aren't who they say they are either. It's time to pay attention, start with the three videos in this article and start getting your energy into the game. The days of eating junk food, watching the screen, perpetually self-gratifying and getting high on this chemical or that chemical......must come to an end.......or our species potentially and what we currently know as freedom, will indeed come to an end instead. I've been warning about this group and their "vaccines" for 20 years now. We either grow up now and walk proudly 6 feet above ground or we're going to find ourselves 6 feet below ground in the blink of an eye. No one is coming to save us, it's just get your energy in the game as a daily or weekly ritual. If someone is trying to euthanize you and your family, you're permitted to defend yourself, regardless of what uniform they're wearing or what title they fraudulently possess. Evil is evil, even if it's dressed in a $3000 suit, in a white lab coat or an official enforcer's uniform. It's time. Spread the word. Do the right thing at the right time, not the right thing at the wrong time. Act now.

Becoming as independent as you can is no longer an option, it's an obligation to all of humanity. Taking back your health, your personal power and your income generation is how this dark, ugly and rotting system will be taken down. Everyone will put their backs into this drive to become stronger and more independent once again. Click below to see how I can help you achieve everything in that area of empowerment, in order that you and your family step into a better life in 2024. Take control, step into what needs to be done, take action and do your part. Learn from teachers who have already climbed the mountain.


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