Cultural Laziness, Laziness as Religion and The COVID CON

Jun 23, 2024

Not really caring that the media and the government just openly colluded to trick the public to euthanize or permanently injure themselves (via an injection of medical poison)......does indeed represent a whole new level of laziness in my opinion. The fact that many people appeared to not even care that their own children were also targeted for a premature death or permanent injury via a well-coordinated mind control based medical suicide ritual, really displays the depths of laziness that our society has actively embraced as well.

Something is extremely wrong in our society. We're experiencing what they call in the aviation industry "a series of catastrophic failures". And as you can learn from the over 3000 articles I've written and the 400 interviews I've given over the last 25 years, my view of our modern-day death cult society was never that high to begin with......and yet humanity still fails daily to achieve the extremely low standards it continually sets for itself.

If we set the bar any lower for morality and Godliness, we would have to become ants just to get under it. Our collective laziness (our need for the easy day and our need to avoid even the most minor efforts required to push back on these very obvious historical evils, parading openly down Mainstreet) appears directly implicated in most people simply accepting that it's the right of the state to kill its citizens by any deception necessary, whenever it chooses to.

it's like a Jonestown massacre society wide and that the people are simply willing to inject the poison, as long as murdering oneself and their family members is reframed as fun, healthy and for the greater good. The devil will use any words necessary of course to trick humanity to feed his power on this planet. Lazy humans are the easiest to trick in this manner.

At this point, I've gone from gravely concerned to chuckling out loud several times per day, in regards to why so few people are caring that their own governments and media just tried to trick them to euthanize themselves and their families, via a very obvious fake disease/fake vaccine psychological operation. This murder claim is completely justified as well, as can be seen with the citations in the article at this added link. I'm far from the only person tagging the word "murder" to the COVID psychological operation.

Oh well, what can do you do.......let's get back to the partying and the lives of perpetual self-gratification shall we? The government just tried to euthanize us purposely, so no big deal, right? Let's move on like nothing ever happened and let's pretend that the next public psychological euthanasia campaign isn't already planned out and set to repeat itself in the next calendar year. Why say anything, speak up, organize a public meeting, write a blog, make a video, write to one of your mind-controlled politicians or resist the worldwide cull.......when you can just move on after you've injected the poison into yourself? Let's pretend that none of this ever happened. Who in their right mind thinks this is how you deal with historical evils and prepare for a successful future? Pretending that "someone else will take care of it" is how you end up in the graveyard, instead of enjoying a vacation with your family. 

The people who've injected the poison already are also extra quiet, as others who did the same are dropping all around them.....years after their last injection. It's all extremely lazy, to have the government and media try to trick people to kill themselves and their own families........and the best the masses can do is keep their mouths shut and hope that they're not the next to drop dead on their way to work or after exercising down on the local sport's field.

Call me old fashioned but if someone tried to get me to genocide myself and my family via the utilization of propaganda and mind control fake disease/fake vaccine campaign (plus had planned it all out for decades in advance) I wouldn't just sit there pretending everything was OK. Action is the opposite of laziness and we're not seeing too much action today, even from the surviving victims of this psy-op. The hard day of resistance is too much to climb at times, for people who have found a cozy nest within the inverted illusion, which media and government manufacture for us daily. Resisting is hard, acceptance is a lazy way to deal with evil........and there's a lot more acceptance than resistance these days, if you haven't noticed.

What we're seeing today is enough to make Satan himself blush and spin away giggling with delight. The devil himself can't believe the level of laziness within our society, which of course makes his work so much easier. Again, what looks like a massive infection of collective stupidity or a growing biblical evil walking right down Mainstreet could really be nothing more than personal laziness. We can talk all we want about the end times and biblical anti-Christ prophecies but when you take a harder look at this entire set of successfully executed death cult rituals..........maybe it's just that people have been mind controlled to be so lazy, that they couldn't care less if someone wanted to murder them or not.

It appears that many today just want to take a couple more hits off the societal crack pipe in the weeks prior to their own murders, because resisting their own state sanction genocide would take too much effort, planning and take away from their soulless pursuits of perpetual self-gratification. Today we're going to discuss our fatal cultural laziness, which appears to be our newest religion. Ya, we're going there and it's going to get ugly. It's going to get ugly because it's true.

I'm sure you can at least belly up to this laziness concept, without too much resistance or challenge. To me it appears beyond obvious. I mean, how did we get here? How did we get to this level of laziness where someone would rather succumb to a very obvious con job and propaganda-based ambush, as opposed to raising their voice (or their fists) against it? Where did our genetic self-preservation mechanism go exactly? How exactly did so many get so lazy that they would rather volunteer themselves and their own children for injected poison, just so that their final days of slavery were a little easier?

Poisoning our children because the TV and government said so, only gives us a couple more seconds of peace inside our lazy based illusions of infantilized living........because the result of said poisoning (instant death, premature death, accelerated disease and/or sterilization) means that our lives are guaranteed to get harder long term. The ultimate form of laziness is allowing disease, death and sterilization to occur long order to gain a couple extra days of materialistic pleasures down here on planet mental asylum short term. Hell is empty, heaven is a ghost town, God's doing a facepalm and the devils are here. Most people are acting like devils today, while believing that they're the moral backbone of our society. Exactly as evil has designed this mouse trap to be. Anyone who injected this witch's brew, although psychologically manipulated to do so,.......have done the devil's work for him. Life is the enemy of evil. The shot was designed to destroy life. It's that simple. 

Who's really going to enjoy such declarations of raw truth, especially when it's this sharp? Not many of course but our society is awash with every form of laziness imaginable. The men (and many women as well) are masturbating to porn hub and only fans, simply because they're too lazy to get up off the couch and go out to compete for potential romances. Too lazy to reproduce I guess, which isn't the only form of fatalistic laziness our society is experiencing. We have people too lazy to start their own businesses, so most have taken jobs that they don't enjoy because making your dreams come true is too hard. This has now morphed into not working at all and openly leeching off others, either through government or parental handouts. It's just too hard to work now, to support yourself I guess, in our laziness as religion why even get out of bed or try to brush your teeth.

Even the woke left is about endless calls to steal money from others, in order that the woke left mob get their expenses paid for in perpetuity....because they're too lazy to support themselves. Give me the good life on the house, without any work because I am lazy! That's the political left's battle cry. Who doesn't want the good life at no charge? Wanting such childhood fantasies is a fool's errand and a primrose path to self-destruction

Elections are popular with the lazy masses, as it's just a lazy way to get on with your day, insisting that clinical psychopaths rule over you with an iron fist, as opposed to you ruling yourself. Psychopath #1 or psychopath #2? Pick one and get on with your lazy day. Coffee drinkers want to feel good about their empty and directionless lives, as do alcohol consumers......because they're too lazy to face the harsh reality of their shitty lives. Heaven forbid you stop poisoning yourself with toxins that numb your nervous systems, as opposed to actually building a genuine life of success, where fake feel-good chemicals aren't necessary to get through the mindless day. What about the explosion of fake breasts, fake lips, fake hair, fake weight loss etc..........because that's the laziest way possible to get someone's emotional needs met. Heaven forbid you put in the extremely painful hard work to live your life as God designed you to live it. The devil always offers the best deals like this, but only for the lazy. I know women who have had sex daily for 25 years......and yet no children. Because sex is easy and raising children is hard. Lazy. It's another one of the devil's tricks. It's all about extinction and death, wrapped up in 100 different disguises.

I was like this as well, because I used to live and never question this laziness as religion society. I used to take steroids because I was too lazy to do the hard work at the gym and with my diet. I would often grab at the lowest hanging fruit in regards to female companionship because trying and working hard to gain access to higher level partners was too taxing for my lazy constitution. I would lie to myself often because dealing with my shallow and empty living standards was too difficult and would require too much effort. Lying is a lazy man's way to achieve a fleeting moment of satisfaction, simply because building a fully satisfying life was harder than lying to myself in the mirror daily. I would get high on drugs because feeling good with toxic chemicals was easier than bearing down and building an amazing life. I was lazy, lazy, lazy. Not anymore of course. I embrace pain, suffering and the hard the only antidote to our culture wide lazy infestation. 

It doesn't matter if it's a person deciding that they're now trans in order to gain the popular label of the day (instead of working hard to develop their own life, legacy and character) or the diseased patient asking their doctor for medical poison because actually taking care of themselves is too hard for their lazy mind to process..........laziness is behind most (if not all) of our society's current problems.

In the end, start looking out at all your problems through this lens, if you're brave enough to do so. You'll most likely see that laziness is the cornerstone of every pending issue in your life. It was at the heart of all my issues and it's a well laid trap, coordinated by evil forces hiding behind media, government, medicine, science, banking, big food, big tech and the military......otherwise known as the 8 horsemen of the apocalypse. 

Life is supposed to be hard. Success is supposed to be hard. You'll never get a day off building your best life or everyone would be up on success mountain right next to you. It's only crowded at the bottom and the bottom is all about laziness. Suffering is necessary. Ditch the laziness infection and you'll see that your life gets better in only weeks. Do the hard work, don't shy away from what needs to be done, lead by example and blaze a trail for others to follow. Don't be lazy. Laziness is the ancient curse cast over us by an inverted, evil and mentally defective government/media system. Reject this system of complete inversion and accept your best life instead. Let's get to work as a team. See you up on success mountain. Start climbing. It's supposed to be hard. If you avoid hard, you avoid the best that you have to offer the world....and that's exactly what the devil wants. Laziness is your enemy and the enemy of a progressive civilization. React appropriately and help heal the world. I believe in you. Thank you for reading this article. 


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