Are You The Programmed Assassin of Yourself and Your Own Children?

Jun 07, 2024

Ladies and gentlemen, you are under attack. Saying that, the attack I speak of is pretty easy to hide if you're the expert assassin programmed to take yourself and your own family out. The people in control don't need conventional warfare anymore, to take out their targeted enemies. Please don't have any doubts either, you are the targeted enemy. If they would send in tanks, cruise missiles, infantry and all goes wrong for them on almost every front imaginable, extremely quickly. History proves this time and time again as true.

Conventional warfare is not only costly, it gathers immense local resistance from the people being targeted for takeover and murder. Let's also make no mistake, this war like all wars, is about taking property not owned by the invading force. This war is about the theft of your assets, including your life, in order that they can steal your property.....simply because you're no longer walking the earth. This is about theft, plain and simple. Conventional warfare not only makes these historical thefts beyond obvious, conventional warfare often destroys the assets of the public, which the invading force are trying to steal. Why blow up an entire country, only to be the one who pays to build everything back up again, after you conquer it? That makes no sense of course. What does make sense is using mind control to make the people kill themselves and therefore eliminate the ownership claim they have on any of their own assets. 

Here's a video below where a mind control expert takes full control of a victim's mind, while the victim believes that they're making up their own decisions organically, based on logical analysis of the problems at hand. In reality, the mind control programmer is in full control and the victim controls nothing. Having the mind control victim control nothing, while believing they're in full control of everything, is the foundation of all effective mind control operations throughout history. Think of COVID and the COVID jab, if you're looking for a real-world example of all this playing out in real time.

Again, the mind control victim in the video below is controlling nothing. This sort of. "I'm in full control of my life" situation (when the person really isn't) is how most people live out their days on this planet. Do you know anyone who waited patiently in line to take the COVID jab? Well, this is the sort of mind control they were under, all purposely coordinated by media and government. The exact same tactics that were used by Derren Brown on his victim in the video below, were the exact same tactics used by the government and media on the TV watching populace during COVID. 

Also with conventional warfare, the obvious nature of the murder and theft makes legal action easier once the war comes to an end, in order that victims of the illegal war hunt down the perpetrators and bring them to justice. In the past, the people organizing the murder and theft of the public, have often been tried and executed themselves, once the wars are over. This has always served as a valuable lesson to keep in mind, for the groups organizing this modern 5th generation warfare attack on our society. Mind control manipulation is the 5th Generation Warfare we're all currently experiencing. I'm a mind control researcher and lecturer, so psy-ops such as COVID didn't gain control of my behavioral pathways. What I'm really trying to say here in this paragraph is.........if someone mind controls you to kill or injure yourself (or your loved ones), you have no legal remedy inside the current legal system because you did it all to yourself. 

if you're still not aware that you're at war, it's most likely because you think you're too intelligent to be programmed to kill yourself and your children....or at least to poison yourself and your own children daily, which has immense tactical advantages for the groups waging this psychological battle on your society.

Is mind control powerful enough to make you an assassin of yourself and your own family, without you being consciously aware that you're doing it? Before you answer that question, maybe watch any of the videos mentioned in the next paragraph. I know a man with a university degree from the "finest' school in North America. He flew to Florida to get his COVID jab because it rolled out there first. He also made sure that all his family got the fake COVID vaccine as well. He did this because he thinks he's too smart to be programmed to assassinate himself and his own family, but that's exactly what he did. And now here comes the next fabricated crisis, BIRD FLU and my friend will do it all over again, until everyone in his family (including himself) is dead or injured. That's the power of mind control.

In this video, we see a 2-hour mind control experiment that ends with 3 out of 4 experiment participants murdering someone LIVE on video, while under mind control. In this video, we see a young man put under simple mind control, to the point where he forgets his own name. In this video, we see an entire studio audience mind controlled to draw the exact same object, at the exact same time.

So, can mind control experts mind control you to become the Manchurian Candidate in your own life? the answer because that's what we're seeing. The Manchurian Candidate was a movie made twice in Hollywood, based on the concept that anyone could be programmed to be an assassin, even the President of the United States. Of course, in the movie (and in real life) you often need some trigger words to trigger the dormant programming already installed into the mind control victim, and only then does the assassination take place. 

This sort of mind control is the only reason our society of misery, disease, inversion and death centric rituals exists. We're all getting mind controlled to destroy ourselves, as 2 billion just took the fake COVID vaccine, which was fraudulent on every level imaginable, exceptions. The entire COVID operation was false, faux, fabricated and fake. Front to back, up to down, left to right......fake, fake, fake. 

The study of how you're tricked into destroying your own innate human potential and that of your loved the most valuable knowledge you'll ever acquire in your entire life. You can't be great at anything unless you know the mind control purposely designed to make you the worst at almost everything. I teach programs on this throughout the year. One just finished enrollment on June 6th, so watch for the next one, in order to get the education you need. In order to survive the next 2-5 years, this knowledge is going to be mandatory.


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