A Simple Message of Hope from Jason - How To Protect The Children

May 29, 2024

I know there's some weird stuff happening that appears scary. I'm a little scared too but I turn that fear into action, which is actually the best we can do when we're facing the unknown. I only teach what I do personally, in regards to what's happening today. Below is what I teach to all my students and coaches, so they can turn their fear into positive action. Real safety is only found in logical and rational solutions. It's time to protect yourself and more importantly........your children. Here's how I do it, as daily ritual. I teach only what I do and know myself. It's important to know this information. 

- the system we're currently ruled by is based on poison and mind control - a poisoned population is easier to bully, coerce, dominate and mind control

- I teach how this entire mind control/poison-based system works, so you can see it for the first time in action.

- I then teach how to get these poisons out and use mind control, to program yourself and your loved ones to live extremely powerful existences - my courses include a free reprogramming library for almost every addiction and self-sabotage-based behavior (you will eventually quit all your addictions over time)

- I teach a 5 PILLAR OF STRENGTH SYSTEM - physical, financial, intellectual, emotional and spiritual (most people need a full life makeover and that's exactly what i teach)

- I teach people how to open a side hustle business and drastically reduce their tax burdens legally in the US and in CAN 

- I teach health via my custom online health library which includes professional exercise/stretching routines for beginner, moderate and advanced exercisers (my original job was a highly skilled high-end CHEK exercise and diet coach)

- healthy eating guides, product guides, habit guides and recipe guides are also in my online library

- with this program, you also get every paid talk I've ever given FREE - they're all yours...all of them

- I teach both youth (ages 13-22) and adults the same material but of course the youth program has the sharp edges softened

- one enrollment takes care of both programs for the entire household as well (all adults and all children, one fee)

- the payment plan is very inexpensive and again, the entire family is taken care of with one enrollment

- you can credit your entire purchase toward my Overcoming Self Sabotage Coaching Certification, which again is offered in the fall of 2024 - if you bought any of my recorded programs in the past, that purchase is also credited toward this new offering as well

- again, I teach people how to open a side hustle business and also teach people how to invest their money safely inside the matrix, by bringing in awakened experts in Real Estate, Metals, Crypto Currency etc etc

By not rocking the boat today, we doom our children tomorrow. I do this program now once per year, so that good people in our society can remember who they are and remember their 5 PILLARS OF STRENGTH. These programs start in 1 week. They are 78% full at the time of writing this message. I would love to see you LIVE, online, from anywhere in the world. Click here to read about the adult program. Click here to read about the youth program, ages 13-22. If you have any questions please email myself and my team at [email protected] directly. Have a wonderful day.


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