5 Things You Need to Know About The New Conscription Legislation In the US for 18-26 Year Olds

Jun 17, 2024

1. This isn't the first great reset. In these resets the same ruling group reorganizes society in regards to their plans that are thousands of years old. Although the plan is old and committed to by the rulers of this planet, it does take patience, time and a step-by-step approach. Click here to learn about the ruling group. Click here to learn some facts about pervious resets already executed. 

2. The foundational theme underpinning all this ancient group's plans is disempowering the public, so we can't resist future resets and so we can't resist whatever reset we're currently moving through. Saying that, I think they've overplayed their cards in this reset. From making sure our media entertainment is all about killing (which weakens the body/mind complex) to injecting us with poisons (that they falsely market as vaccines) and from advertising that everyone was born a sinner to the normalization of toxic alcohol and poisonous coffee.......this ancient group is behind all of it and that's not even close to a full list of their disempowerment weapons that they use on the public daily. Our society is based entirely on mind control.

3. Another way to weaken a society's ability to resist this group's ancient evil, dark and rotting forms of social engineering, is arranging fake wars between the fake countries they already own and rule as one group......in order to rid the population of strong males. There are many vectors to this anti male/removing strong males' agenda. Fake wars, organized by the ruling group, are only one facet of this ongoing anti male agenda. From the chemical BPA, which is proven to abort males in the womb to atrazine.... proven to feminize men and from the fake wars that are designed to reduce the strong males in society to never ending weak male media role modelling (because we mimic that most repetitive content of our environment)......the male has been under attack for a very long time. 

4. Inside this "let's get rid of the strong males" agenda, we see that illegal migrants and non-natural US citizens WILL NOT be asked to go fight in the fake war, in order to euthanize themselves. Exactly as I have discussed in many previous articles. This will leave women and their children completely defenseless to woke left male aggression......as the fake wars destroy the strong males of all world societies. I've written about this "single female" agenda often and the ruling group's end game plan to rid the world of females altogether. Again, a step-by-step approach is needed. Clearing out all the strong white males, in order to replace the population with non-white males (who's cultures often don't respect female civil rights) means that things are going in the exact direction I predicted long ago. Ladies they don't want you either......they just want your kids. They need you removed for that to happen, so it's the strong males first removed, then you and then they have your kids without a fight. They'll have your kids if the strong males are absent. That's all this is about. Time to wake to the truth about the group hiding behind government, media, medicine, science, big food, big tech, the military and the banking system. 

5. Also in this legislation, only able body males are required. All the dope smoking, overweight and diseased males aren't required to go be killed in the fake war. (another fake war is the Ukraine/Russia war of course.....where natural white Ukrainians are the targets for a stronger Russian army, who is also controlled by the same forces that control the Ukraine) So only the strongest will be disposed of, first vaccinated into weakness before they go to war, they will be fed unhealthy toxic food purposely as well and then their military coordinates will be given purposely to the opposing leadership on the battle field. The end result is that the fake country (we know as the United States) will collude with another fake country run by the same ruling group, to remove all the strong males, while leaving nonwhite males (of fighting age) and weaker beta males back on the home front. After that, the step-by-step approach will keep evolving, in order to execute the controlled demolition of the American Empire. To conquer America, you must destroy it from within. 


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