5 Things You'll Need To Learn Moving Ahead

May 21, 2024

I'm not sure if you're aware, but there are tens of thousands of people fighting for your freedom this month, in regards to some very evil groups attempting to remove all your human rights through the Pandemic Treaty and The International Health Regulation Amendments. You can learn about what that really means by clicking here, here or here

Now if those two policy papers go through at the end of this month in Geneva Switzerland, you're going to have to acquire some new skills, while pairing those new skills with a good coach and experienced guide......who can help you navigate the waters ahead. The plan is always the same. Hoping for the best, working hard to produce the best......but also being ready if that doesn't happen. 

Although the principles remain the same for navigating our futures successfully (my future included), you're going to have to move into an acceleration phase and again a good coach is a must...

1) You will need to learn how to open a business (just a side hustle to start), which provides a secondary source of income. After that you will need to learn how to scale that business over time, without you being removed from social media, the internet or society in general. I'll explain what that means and where that warning comes from later.

2) You'll need to learn how mind control works, in order to better understand your own fears, your own behaviors and your own belief systems. Learning about mind control will also help you avoid the ambushes and traps laid down for you by the ruling group in power, until they make some missteps....and then a new era of truth, justice and morality will begin. When that happens, you'll be perfectly positioned for mega success moving forward.

3) You'll need to learn about health, as an unhealthy metabolism does make you weak and more prone to mind control. Healthy living is a must in the days ahead. Health is a combination of scientifically sound exercise principles, scientifically applied stretching, healthy habits, healthy eating principles and positive forms of mind control that program your nervous system to stick to this new healthy way of life. 

4) You'll need to know how to protect your current assets and wealth, when possible, because The Pandemic Treaty and IHR Amendments will permit dark groups in power full access to seizing your bank account, pensions, home, savings, retirement investments etc etc. I know that sounds odd and even scary but this is why these 2 documents exist and you'll need the truth to navigate the waters ahead.

5) You'll need to open the treasure chest of empowering knowledge without being afraid of positive change. Although this sound illogical, that someone would be afraid of positive change, the body and mind are actually hard wired to resist any changes.......even if those changes are positive. 

I teach these principles for two reasons. 1) I don't like seeing any person (especially children) suffer unnecessarily.  2) My safety, security and happiness can't be accomplished unless the world is full of empowered, focused, healthy and independent people. My dream doesn't work if I'm the only person in the area who has mastered the 5 PILLARS OF STRENGTH LIVING PRINCIPLES.......which are physical, intellectual, financial, emotional and spiritual strength. I need you next to me. I'm doing this for me and you together, as a power team.

I teach adults and youth, ages 13-22. You can click here to watch a video about the adult program. You can click here to watch a video about the youth program. The programs are already 40% full and they both start in two weeks. Yes it is the summer months, I know, but if these two policy papers pass.......you're going to need to heavily accelerate your learning and positive preparations.

I don't want to be overly dramatic here but this may be the last time I'll be able to teach to you online, given the Pandemic Treaty and Amendments to The IHR's both give the state the power to remove people from the internet unless they lie to the public about what's happening.......which I will never do. It's a good time to learn from me so you can take my personal knowledge into the future with your family, regardless of any other factor. We're doing everything possible to block these two policy papers that will remove all your basic human rights, but many citizens are still caught in their comfort comas and lives of self-involvement. This "hands off" approach to their own lives will end in disaster for most, but not for you. Either way, let's work together very soon so you gain this valuable knowledge and improve your personal power in all the necessary categories. I hope to see you on opening day. Let's POWER UP together. Together, with knowledge, we can get by any obstacle. Knowledge is power. Let's POWER UP. 



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