10 Purposeful and Planned Attacks on Your Newborn That You Need To Avoid

Jun 12, 2024

I've always had one firm rule about evil throughout my 25 years of research, regarding this ancient death cult that perpetually masquerades as our altruistic governments. That one rule is...........if you want to find evil, just keep looking where the children are, because that's where you're always going to find evil lurking, plotting, licking its chops and watching for the perfect time to devour the innocent and defenseless children. I step between evil and the children for a living. I invite you to join me as soon as possible in this mission.

I've written about this ancient death cult, hiding inside our modern (and yet heavily corrupted) institutions of power, in at least 100 articles over my career. If you click here, you read one of those articles, which easily exposes this cult's obsession with the suffering, death, ritual torture and the terrorizing of children. I for one will never stand for it. 

At this point in my career, my articles will only become more aggressive and sharper. There's little time remaining before we're all put to the blade, wielded by his ancient evil cult......who believes that they own this planet and everything on it. Evil spares no one, not even her loyal foot soldiers. That message is for anyone sucking on the tit of evil for a living. Your time is coming, as evil is evil to its very energetic charge.......which means it hates all life, everywhere, no exceptions, including hating the life inside of you. If you're alive, evil won't stop until your soul is pushed back into the ether, period, end of story. Wake up and understand what you're doing. To believe that evil won't consume you as well is short sighted. To live, only hoping that evil consumes you last, is pure cowardice. 

Our entire species has been mind controlled and poisoned to the point where most of our society are completely inverted and having passionate love affairs with evil....simply because evil has taken control of the financial systems of our world and only hands out generous pay cheques to people who are willing to kill, murder and extinguish life on command. Evil now lives openly inside government, media, science. The military, banking. our food production system and medicine. These are the 7 horsemen of the apocalypse. Evil would pay the last person on earth $1 trillion dollars to slit their own throat, because the end of all life is the dream of evil. Evil is well aware that money buys you nothing outside the earthly and physical realm. 

Anyone employed in any of these 7 sectors are actively looking the other way because of the generous pay cheques that evil hands out to anyone willing to break their cosmic contract with God, goodness, morality and ethics. Evil will pay you to kill yourself and to kill your own children, because money is an illusion and your deaths are the only goals that count on evil's ancient scorecard. Just look at COVID, people lined up to kill themselves and their own kids, in order to receive everything from continued employment to free donuts. Evil will take that deal all night long because evil is LIVE spelled backwards and the word devil is LIVED spelled backwards. Evil and the devil are anti life and anti living.....at their very energetic core. Wake up because its already 5 minutes to midnight. 

Anyone working in any of these 7 sectors of poisoning, brainwashing, bullying, state sanctioned murder and terror should be ashamed of themselves. They should also know that God will judge and that all actions have consequences in every energy system ever studied and researched. Poisoning, hurting or terrorizing children is the ultimate crime against God and life itself. Do you know what prisoners in jail do to fellow convicts who hurt children? Yes, just like that as God has zero tolerance for such activity. Punishment for hurting children is as firm a law in our Universe as the law of gravity.......and the law of evil always being after the youngest souls. The law doesn't care if you were just cashing your pay cheque, so you could keep living a cozy life down here in the devil's realm. If you hurt children for a living or are part of a system that's involved with hurting children, your soul and spirit will be found and dealt with appropriately. 

Throughout the ages, infants and even the unborn, have been hypothesized to be as close to God as one could possibly get, on this earthly realm. Satanists and cult followers of inversion doctrine, also hold this same philosophy. They understand that to strike or murder the unborn or an infant, is to strike directly at God himself......because such evil acts would obviously break God's heart that such things were happening to his children.

We hear about this satanic philosophy from satanic ritual abuse (SRA) survivor Max Lowen, who recounts with extreme clarity that it's this foundational philosophy that's at the heart of all our major institutions today. Child sacrifice, ritual torture and official state sanctioned murder parades openly down main street in our modern times, only protected by the thinnest veil of mind control. This veil of protective mind control is getting thinner and thinner by the day. The public en masse are awakening from their brainwashing. 

It's starting to become beyond obvious that not only is our society based on a never-ending cycle of death cult rituals, many people are now starting to openly realize that they're directly involved or directly employed to be card carrying members of this child death cult. Our society is beyond clinically insane and it's about time people started realizing the extreme darkness they're openly participating in. 

The 10 attacks on the children below are fully coordinated inside the death cult systems, which openly parade as our altruistic institutions......all due to a generous sprinkling of mind control, brainwashing and behavior modification. If you really want to do God's work on this planet, it's important to step between children and the evil hunting them, whenever possible. 

1. Folic acid is endorsed by the system for pregnant mothers, so it should come as no surprise that folic acid destroys the brains and the health of children....both unborn children and children after birth. All done purposely, as is explained by this medical doctor.  The "caring" government decided to "fortify" our food supply with this toxin (especially in children's food), which drove child autism and child brain damage syndromes into the stratosphere. 

2. Ultrasounds aren't sounds, they're radiation. Just another lie, inside a spider's webs of lies, designed to get parents volunteering their children for state sacrifice. Everyone into the sacrificial volcano. 

3. They put brain damaging and health destroying toxic aluminum in all baby formulas on purpose, with the most brain damaging aluminum being reserved for premature infants.....as you do when you're the "caring" medical/government system. Stop making excuses for the people colluding to destroy your children. It's always on purpose.

4. Circumcision is an ancient black magic PTSD and trauma based mind control ritual...and yes of course, with some careful applications of brainwashing, parents line up to sacrifice their children and throw the potential of God's gifts into the sacrificial volcano. 

5. Vaccines of course are nothing but poison. Always have, always will be. All of them, not just the COVID shot. If you're thinking poison will make you or your baby healthier, you're under death centric mind control or pay cheque mind control...where your pay cheque is tied to you being a cheerleader of the lies. Poison doesn't make anything healthy. Poison doesn't work like that, that's why it's called poison. 

7. The vitamin K shot, the heel pick, the anti-biotics into the eyes of a newborn, c sections, epidurals during or after childbirth etc etc.......are all designed to destroy as much of the child's potential or shine as possible, if the infant happens to live past these evil assaults. The United States has the highest infant mortality rates in the developed world and the US state that poisons their newborns the most (Mississippi) has the highest infant mortality in the United States. Yes, we're getting tricked (through mind control) to destroy our own children. 

8. Male fetuses are aborted purposely in the womb, using some very clever chemicals hidden purposely in our environment, hand crafted by our evil system to be common in many of our everyday products. These same chemicals that abort males in the womb, also produce feminine or sexually confused males, if a male happens to make it out of the womb and out of the death grips of this chemical assault. Evil doesn't like a fair fight and would rather fight women and feminine men, once it's discovered to be on its usual historical murderous rampages across the planet. This is why these chemicals exist because to kill the females and the children at will, they need to rid the planet of the strong men first. 

9. Cellular radiation, from a parent's cell phone, wifi router, smart watch, smart TV etc etc........are all anti life in their very nature. The smaller the human, the more this wifi radiation destroys them. You won't get any warnings from the system, to pregnant mothers, for the same reason this list exists in the first place. It's all on purpose. Everything told to the public is backwards, upside down and inverted.......in order to get the intended and inverted life result, which is death. 

10. Let's not forget a previous article that I wrote, which highlights the top 10 attacks on the female as well, which in turn pollutes and destroys the quality of the eggs she carries. This also is designed to hurt infants and children before they're even born, by polluting the material the fetus will be manufactured from. 

People it's time to get moving on your awakening. It's 5 minutes to midnight. Move it, this isn't a game. This is real life and they've been poisoning all of us since we all flew out of the womb and even before that as well. Start removing the poisons from your life, awaken from your sleep and regain your power. 


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