10 Conspiracy Fact Videos

Apr 21, 2024

I can't really say that this is a top 10 list, simply because this list will just get you started regarding what's going on in our world today. These videos are all about pulling back the veil slightly, as to what's happening right in front of our eyes today. It's looking pretty ugly and dark out there currently. Saying that, I have great hope that pain itself will save us, as pain is needed to transform a child into a fully functional and empowered adult. Many people today unfortunately are adult by age alone, as an infantilization agenda has been upon us for quite some time. The overall power in the collective has been diminished substantially, which provides the evil doers a very wide selection of death centric applications they can apply at any time.....without too much resistance or question from the TV trance induced collective. 

The videos below will provide you some deeper insights into "the evil doers" and exactly who they are.......and what sort of historical shenanigans they've coordinated recently plus how far into our ancient past their influence goes. I've been studying this group for over a decade at this point and have been documenting the works of this evil group for 25 years.

Due to this research, I can tell you that this group does have a weakness and that they can be defeated with a weapon that every single person has in their possession right now. I educate on the use of this weapon once per year. Click here to learn about my offering in this regard for adults. Click here to learn about my offering for youth, ages 13-22. On with the list and a short description of each video......

 1. This new video, I just found last week. I got sent it twice by two different people.....and thank God I watched it. It's from 2015 and it's from a professor at The University of California Davis. She lays down the truth of this world and the evil doers behind what we're seeing today, with extreme precision. Click here. What she says about Fidel Castro will certainly gain the ear of many Canadians, who have heard of the connection between Fidel Castro and Justin Trudeau.

2. Here we have a Canadian scholar explaining nearly the exact same as the professor above, but he goes on record at least a decade earlier. This Canadian scholar explains exactly what's happening today and why it's happening as well. Click here.

3. This video is also new to me, although it's a 1-year-old interview with Dr. Lorraine Day and Sasha Stone. Dr. Day and Sasha Stone absolutely cut loose about the ancient group in power, who are now murdering citizens in about 194 countries at will, with every death centric modality under the sun.  Click here.

As a side note, we hear the mention of the Sabbatian Cult in video #1 and #3 above. What is that, you may ask. Click here to find out. And if you click here, there's more from the same man. Don't let the title of the second video push you away, just listen

4. Now if you think the first 3 videos are telling, here's a medical doctor inside a private meeting in 1969 (with close friends only) warning of what's happening today. This doctor spills the beans about his insider secrets, regarding the evil groups at the controls of our society. How did this medical doctor know what would happen today in 2024, all the way back in 1969? Click here.

5. How is all this being done, to convince people to destroy themselves, all by their own hand... basically making each person demand they be destroyed? And not only are many people waiting in line patiently to destroy themselves, their own children, their own economies and their own communities.......the same people attack anyone who warns against it. Well, it's all based on the mind control exposed in this one-of-a-kind documentary. The mind control discussed in this film (designed to control individuals) has now been implemented planet wide, to cause a mass formation death centric hypnotic trance in large populations. Click here.

6. How about an entire documentary on this ancient group, who's tricking people to destroy themselves in our society right now. Where does this ancient group come from? Click here to find out.

7. How about another documentary about this ancient cult that grows humans and kills those humans on the planet (as a repetitive historic cycle), in order to steal their wealth...........similar to how milking cattle are eventually promoted to beef cattle? Click here.

8. Let's get into some of the ancient origins of this group. This group goes back very far into our ancient past, but just how far? You may be surprised what some of the oldest writings on earth have to say about this dark and evil group. Why do some of the most ancient texts on the planet talk about a very old group of social engineers who can change the DNA of humans (their creations)...thousands of years ago? And then today we have DNA altering vaccines? Is this genetic manipulation old tech or new tech? What's really going on here? What else do these ancient texts say? Click here. 

9. This same group in question organized and planned 9/11. Yes, this group has no issues killing the humans under their management for profit......as was explained in video #1 above. This group are murder experts, as an ongoing theme throughout all these videos. They create these fear/terrorism attacks and then pass legislation that increases their control over the human cattle. Once a certain level of control is embedded throughout our cultural systems, they attack with the intent to kill and steal. You're in the attack, kill and steal portion of this cycle unfortunately. It's a cycle that doesn't end under their rule. They need to be charged, jailed and removed....but that means our entire society of child adults need to grow up into real fully functional/powerful adults. A pretty tall order considering that growing up involves leaving childhood fantasies and infantile behaviors/beliefs in the past. Click here to learn what you're not told about 9/11. 

10. Oklahoma City Bombing, same thing. Click here. It was the current group in charge who again organized this attack, in order to pass legislation, which further enslaved and controlled the human cattle. Before the 2020 attack could begin, certain freedom removing legislation had to be in place....and that's what these 2 attacks (and many more just like them) were all about.

You can also click here for over 100 documentaries, shining light onto the COVID fraud. The COVID crisis never existed anywhere other than on the TV screen and inside the fertile minds of the TV watching drone bot army. If you want to understand the highlights of the COVID fraud, clicking here will provide you an excellent article. 

Additional Edition List 

11. (7) MASTERS OF THE GAME - by Reuben J Rose (substack.com)

I could do a much longer list but this shorter one is something that you can go through a little bit at a time. It's important to listen to all the talks (over a longer period) so you can start connecting the common threads between them. There are so many common threads between these 12 videos, that our true reality will come into focus pretty quickly. Again, if you want to know what you can do to effectively push back against this dark and ancient group, click here and come work with me personally. Join our team and work efficiently to free yourself. 


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