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The Attack On Men And How Men Can Find Their Way Again

Learn About The Chemical And Psychological Attack On The Male And The Solutions So Men Can Find Their Way Again

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Learn About Men Being Feminized And Weakened By Gender Bending Chemicals 

Learn About Men Being Feminized And Weakened By Media And Government Behavior Modification

Learn How Men Can Find Their Way Again And Regain Their Strength

The Attack on Males and How Men Can Find Their Way Again

Let Master Self Sabotage Coach and Health Advocate Jason Christoff explain an ancient and ongoing war on males and male energy, on this planet. It's very hard to rule a tribe of empowered, strong and healthy men. This is why throughout history, our cultural enemies have always been turned back by tribes that honor and foster strong male energy. Now our cultural enemies have taken a unique approach, in their attempt to acquire sole dominance of pride rock and their attempt to take full control of our Western societies.

Our cultural enemies are very clever and have organized an extremely well coordinated attack on the male, through estrogen based compounds and mind control media order to shift males toward the feminized side of the energy spectrum. If men can be taught and educated on these tricks of our cultural enemies, we can stand strong against this very covert agenda to take over our society (and culture) through the destruction of males. This well funded attack on the male also affects the female greatly. As men and women are changed through this agenda, where traditional gender roles are reversed, challenged........our society becomes destabilized and primed for reformation under the hands of our traditional enemies. Men, women and children will benefit from this presentation. Their families, communities and countries will become stronger through the process of education, on this very important subject.

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  • Access To The Entire Presentation Regarding The Attack on Males and How Men Can Find Their Way Again
  • Custom Designed Hypnotherapy Session For Men Looking To Reprogram Their Subconscious Minds For Success and Evolution
  • Custom Designed Wall Art That's Purposely Formulated to Help Men Reprogram Their Subconscious Minds For Success and Evolution
  • Healthy Living Guide - With Linked Educational Sources - Get Rid Of The Toxins and Insults In Your Home That Are Proven To Feminize The Male
  • +65 Healthy Recipes - Needed for Men to Improve Their Strength, Confidence and Focus
  • Beauty Bowl Infogram - The Easiest And Most Simple Way To Get Healthy In A Hurry
  • Three Day Flexibility & Workout Routine for Men - Get Strong, Lean and Focused
  • Metabolic Typing Test - Find Out What Foods Are Best For You
  • Unique Videos To Watch Regarding The True Function Of Your Subconscious Mind

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  • Completely immerse yourself in everything having to do with the attack on men in our society.
  • Gain valuable information on health, wealth, happiness and independence you will never find anywhere else.
  • Get personal support at anytime from Jason personally and his support team.
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  • Completely immerse yourself in everything having to do with the attack on men in our society.
  • Gain valuable information on health, wealth, happiness and independence you will never find anywhere else.
  • Get personal support at anytime from Jason personally and his support team.

Program FAQ's


What Makes Jason's Programs Different?

Jason is one of the only people on the planet who clearly explains how media and government are directly involved in programming you to self sabotage your entire life, into various forms of struggle and failure. Jason's research is original and he uses real world examples that are easy to understand. You won't see any of this material offered anywhere else. This program on males follows Jason's straight talking approach and cuts to the heart of this very important issue. 

Will Jason's Information On "The Attack On Males" Make My Life Better?

Absolutely! It doesn't matter if you're a man, woman or a child.........this information is extremely important in order to add stability to one's life, one's home, one's spirit. one's relationship and one's community. Once you explore any of Jason's programs, your life will get better instantly as the true design of our society comes instantly into focus. Only when you know what holds you back, can you become a better version of yourself.

Are There People Who Have Already Been Successful Using Jason's Information?

Yes, Jason has an amazing track record with a full 60 day satisfaction guarantee. The guarantee is offered, yet very few people use it because they thoroughly enjoy the material and their ability to contact Jason at any time they wish. Jason's programs address the fundamental corruption across our entire society and therefore provide the perfect educational backdrop so people can start self engineering a better way to live and exist on this planet. This program will change your life for the better and not just by a little bit. By leaps and bounds. Jason guarantees it or you don't have to pay. 

Do I Get to Contact Jason If I Have Any Questions?

Absolutely! This goes without saying. This is something Jason insists on. You can reach out to Jason personally at any time with any questions you may have. Jason wants everyone to be their best and he dedicates his life to making that happen for thousands of people every year across the world.

What Problems Can This Information Solve?

Being a real man today is very important, not only for the men themselves, but for the family unit and the society at large. Being a real man has nothing to do with muscles, height, weight or strength. Being a real man is about understanding why you're here and what you're willing to die for on this planet. Real men fulfill very important functions and roles inside the tribe, which provides the tribe the foundational stability it needs to progress, evolve and move ahead. Without strong males, the tribe never finds peace. With no peace, only fear can manifest in the tribe. Fear changes the brain function of all tribe members and that in turn changes the behavior of the tribe, from positive to negative.. A fear based brain function, known as limbic brain activation, will never provide the tribe what it needs to be successful, abundant, happy or loving. Without strong men families will collapse, other men themselves will collapse and therefore our society will collapse into weakness, dependency, child abuse, rot and addiction. This is exactly what our historical enemies want and this program is designed to fight against that agenda. We need strong males again. Thank you for dedicating society and culture, for your time to preserve  our generations to come.  Help us make men men again.

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