Most smokers smoke because one or more of their parents smoked. We become what we see and that’s why it’s important to see and be exposed to successful people as well. Smoking is part and parcel of an “unsuccessful grab bag of traits”, which often come as a cluster. Most smokers, due to their lack of personal care, don’t eat well either, don’t have good sleep habits and generally have passionate love affairs with many things unhealthy…….. like junk food, medications, TV, movies, not exercising, over exercising, toxic processed foods, dependence on government/authority, debt etc. The way we do one thing is the way we do everything. Smoking is a sign of self hate, self loathing and self abuse……copied from another person who had those exact same traits. The person who smokes could had just as easily become a fully organic health guru…..if they had that role model to mimic when they were young. We become what we see. We are literally the people who raised us, for better or worse…..but we do have the ability to upgrade our programming at anytime.

In order to quit smoking, a person must first understand that they’re killing themselves because someone in their close tribe also killed themselves in the exact same manner. And since humans eventually copy and adopt what they see as their own behavior, it’s imperative that a tribe based on self love, self care and self maintenance be sought……in order to reprogram the brain with images that fortify a successful and fulfilling life. Quitting any self sabotaging behavior is about having the courage to move toward success, even though that tribe is different, smaller and unfamiliar. Feel your fear and walk straight through it anyway.