I know a lady who has so many clothes, her oversized closets can no longer handle the burden. I know a man who hoards things, not understanding his need to collect and acquire. I know many who drink alcohol daily, people who refuse to explore the motivations behind their obsession with self destruction and self sadism.

In Buddhist folklore there’s something called “The Hungry Ghost”……..dark creatures with massive bellies, skinny necks and tiny mouths. Creatures that no matter how much they consume, acquire or eat…….they never can satisfy themselves. Today most people consume, eat and acquire because they’re trying to fill a void that can never been satisfied through food or acquisition. Our society is drowning in addiction, self sadism, hoarding based behaviors, consumerism, materialism, self gratification, self glorification, hedonism and self sabotage…….because we’ve been taught that we can acquire happiness from the outside. It’s more than a lie, it’s a death sentence on a personal level and for humans as a species. Dr. Gabor Mate explains. Maybe one of the most brilliant videos on addiction and self sabotage on the internet today.