There have been many debates on my Facebook page lately…..regarding issues like abortion, vaccination, giving people money if they don’t want to work, the legalization of marijuana, war, corruption etc etc. Many of my personal comments are often related to the Liberal/Marxist/Post Modern Agenda……..that exists to convince people to embrace the full spectrum of human psychology, regardless if such behaviors are traditionally good or bad. According to this living philosophy, we’re to recognize the person who wants an abortion and at the same time equally recognize the person who believes it’s immoral. We’re supposed to believe both view points are valid. If you don’t even know what the Liberal/Marxist/Post Modern Agenda is…… doesn’t mean you’re not acting it out in every day life. Jordan Peterson explains below what this agenda really is and what it’s doing…..even though it’s not the primary point of this essay.

In our modern world, we’re all taught through media and government schooling too see the lazy person who doesn’t want to work as fully deserved of a government hand out, while at the same time allowing hard working people to be afforded nowhere near the same sort of courtesies, on any front. We’re meant to hear screams from thousands of repressed minority groups and finally get them up onto the stage,….showering them with praise, rewards, celebration and glorification……..and not because they deserve it but because we feel bad that we at one time did deserve to receive that same praise, reward, celebration and glorification. The top place finisher needs to give way to the last place finisher, so the bottom place finisher receives their equal share of what’s being handed out. In short we’re supposed to recognize the full spectrum of human behavior as all completely equal. The abortion loving, nose pierced,  welfare receiving, dope smoking, video game playing beta male is supposed to stand on the same ground as the hard working, conventional married couple, who don’t drink, smoke, do drugs and who are against abortion……so in turn they simply take full responsibility for the sex they have, the pregnancies they create and the number of children they birth forward.  And because I’m personally composed of both a left brain and a right brain, both male and female energies and knowing both the right wing and the left wing of the political spectrum……..I do see and recognize all points on either side of the debate. The big question needs to be, “which behaviors build our cultural dreams and which ones build our nightmares?” I believe the answers are obvious.

We used to live on river banks in tents and didn’t have the civilizations we now have.  It takes a certain focus and mind set to go from living on dirt floors to living in castles. We’ve evolved based on constantly developing upwards as a culture and knowing right from wrong, good from bad, moral from immoral and good from evil. We’ve already done all this before. That’s how we got here. We already figured out long ago that there’s both good and evil in everyone……and we did everything we could to push the good upwards and push the evil down. We know every human is completely capable of killing their unborn child or loving the gifts God gives them. We know there will be corrupt politicians and we know there will be moral ones. There is medicine that makes people healthy and there’s toxic medications that make people sick for profit. Both potentials live inside all humans. The point here is………we’ve gotten to our highly complex culture by recognizing both sides of human behavior and MAKING SURE WE MAINTAIN INSTITUTIONS, BELIEFS AND STANDARDS THAT ENCOURAGE THE MORAL, GOOD, SANE, ETHICAL, LOVING AND CARING PART OF THE HUMAN PSYCHE. In order to build a culture with big buildings, heating, air conditioning, running water, roads, cars, books, furniture, grocery stores etc……you need to constantly focus on saying, “yes, we as humans are capable of both bad and good but if we don’t push the good and inhibit the bad, our culture goes back to the river banks, living in tents“. And that folks is the big problem with people who want to expose the darkest and most evil portions of the human psyche and then sell that evil as equal to moral, ethical and sane human conduct. That’s not the way you sustain a culture and that’s why our culture is collapsing. Some behaviors and beliefs are inherently evil and if we want to survive as a culture we must discourage them at every turn. This is something we’re not currently doing what so ever. We can’t give evil the spotlight and celebrate evil operations as progress, because that’s simply the opposite of what we have to do….in order to avoid living like animals.