Humans have been proven long ago to be just like computers…..but you need to program them through their eyes. As images are processed through the retina and into the brain…..those images are recorded and analyzed. The brain (subconsciously) then compares what images were just observed (through the eye) to everything else the brain has ever recorded over its’ entire lifetime (in conjunction with stored memory in the DNA as well). The brain then takes all the information stored within itself and develops “survival strategies”, in order to maximize security and safety adaptations, based on the current environment. This scanning and adaptation process is on going and never stops…..ever. The programming of humans through their eyes (based on what they see), in conjunction with other mind control tactics like rewards and punishments, is called Cybernetics. With cybernetics you can make a human do anything from killing themselves (like a Kamikaze pilot) to injecting documented toxins into their own children (vaccines)….and everything in-between. Once you know the code for programming the human brain (using the right images, rewards and punishments) you can program those unsuspecting humans to do absolutely anything.

The subconscious mind is a pattern recognition specialist, in regards to safety, security and survival strategies……..and this is why the patterns in film, TV, print media, internet and government policy all push in one direction and one direction only. To program the human through their eyes, with every form of self destruction, self abuse and self loathing imaginable. Therefore you end up programming the masses to be LESS on every level…….in order that they’re easier to rule, steal from, manipulate, govern and control. As the humans are drowned in a perpetual tsunami of negative media imagery (infidelity, immorality, hedonism, murder, violence, unethical conduct, spiritual weakness etc) …..the subconscious mind is programmed to mimic those negative behaviors, as its’ best strategy for survival, within that extremely corrupt environment.

This is a Facebook video and Facebook is part of said control grid, where their algorithms purposely identify self destructive human programming and push that imagery deep into the Facebook readership. This is why this adult, acting like a self absorbed teenager, has nearly 4 million views since yesterday………. while Dr. Mark Hyman (who explains how to reverse a child’s Autism) has 15,000 views…..and he made that video 7 years ago. What makes you a moronic, violent, short sighted, self absorbed, self centered, pleasure seeker…..will be pushed through your eyes and what makes you a moral, ethical and altruistic pillar of your community…….won’t be. Just letting you know exactly why everything you watch on a screen is NEGATIVE. It’s a plan and you’re the target.

And that’s CONTROL GRID 101……..enjoy the show.

Wine Barbell Workout

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Posted by LADbible on Tuesday, January 1, 2019