It’s not easy for most people to see but Hollywood is weaponized and is being used (as it has always been used) to degrade the society in which it operates. The people who run Hollywood have used this covert take over method for all of recorded history (and beyond), based around simple psychology. (before the movies/TV screens were invented this same group used plays, public ceremonies etc etc)

The psychology of this covert take over is extremely basic. Humans copy, mimic and mirror everything they see. This is a genetic DNA survival based function set into the human genome, something that helped humans copy their parent’s behaviors in the past. This helped guarantee survival. It doesn’t matter what the mind takes in, it will copy it eventually, most times immediately. Dr. Jerry Kroth explains this effect in vivid detail at this added link. So now that you know humans copy everything they see on the screen, either immediately or eventually, please watch this short clip below of negative female role modelling champion, Jennifer Aniston.

The group organizing this covert take over of our culture fully understands that the size of our military or how many guns you personal own never mattered, because the take over is coming through your TV and movie screens. The group organizing this operation knows that the morality, ethics and core values of any culture is what makes that society too strong to take over……so this mimicking/negative role modelling effect is used to decay everything a society needs to sustain itself. After the society collapses morally and ethically because it copies the filth on the screen, you just walk right on in without resistance, clean up the mess and that country is all yours. Simple stuff.