Soul is derived from the French or Latin word for the sun. (sol) Your soul is based on the sun itself. Without the sun, there would be no life here and no life in you. This is why for many thousands of years there was an open worship of the sun. We are all SOLAR. (we are SOUL-ARE) Our bodies run on the sun. Your soul is sunlight.

We need the sun energy or we die. It doesn’t matter if it’s the health benefits of sunbathing or the act of eating the food grown in the sun, we are consuming the life giving power (photons) of sunlight. Sunlight as well is proven to contain information, which literally runs our genetics in a healthy way. Without the sun, we as solar beings (soul-are) will perish. If someone or something steals your sun energy (your food grown in the sun or your access to sunlight) you will perish and rot accordingly. Without our fair share of SOLAR (soul-are) power, the light inside of you will start to fade to the darkness. Many thousands of years ago, a very famous and sinister group from the middle east figured all this out…….that to control the humans, you would have to control their access to SOLAR ENERGY. This is why our social engineers give us meaningless jobs away from the sun in soulless office towers. The same group invented money, simply because money represents your access to SOLAR BASED FOOD grown in the sunlight. Food stores sun light for you, to consume at different times during the day or night .If you don’t have enough money, our human farmers make sure you can’t gain access to whole live food (grown fresh in the sun) and therefore you never have enough solar energy to recharge your battery. At that time, without enough light, you become dark on all levels…..physically, mentally and spiritually. When you meet an evil or immoral person, you will notice that they shy away from outdoor activity and consume foods absent of solar energy. You are nothing but solar energy provided to you by the sun of God. As you work inside and consume food absent of solar energy, the darkness will consume you, your behavior will become dark and your health will start to fail. And that folks is how they’ve been stealing your soul (your soul-are energy) for all of recorded history and beyond.

As an addition to this article, please investigate Agenda 21 and the planned migration away from sunny areas of the US, like Florida and California. They’re after your soul.