Talking to a couple nurses in Canada at a hospital, where a flu outbreak was declared…..a whooping 3 people have the flu. Flu outbreak declared at the hospital, run for your lives…..but the nurses say that everyone who’s sick has had the flu shot RECENTLY, within weeks or months. The nurses also say this is ALWAYS the case, everyone who’s sick on the staff or coming in from the public (who are really sick) have ALL had their flu shot. In fact, they say it’s obvious that the more medical drugs a person takes and the more vaccines a person injects, the more sick they are. This observation is also reflected in all statistics as well.

We’re all told that we need to listen to science and that we need to stop thinking for ourselves when it comes to these matters and simply let science think for us. Science this, science that, stop thinking, do as your told because of science. Science was a new concept birthing forward hundreds of years ago to challenge an authority based slave system, which required reflexive obedience based on nothing but corruption, criminal enterprise and the personal self gain of certain evil groups on this planet…..mostly disguising themselves as religion at the time. So science was supposed to come forward and remove all that, a form of study based on fact, not belief, and a philosophy that would do away with abusive power. Science was supposed to be an unbiased search for truth, as to completely even the playing field between the moral and the immoral, slave and slave master, the have’s and the have not’s.

Lets interview science and its’ unbiased search for truth.

Logic – are you interested in why the vaccinated people are the ones who are most sick and most often get the diseases they’re vaccinated against.
Science – not interested, keep vaccinating, science.

Logic – if vaccines are so effective and safe why are health professionals refusing them en masse and coercion based tactics needed to strong arm health care workers to vaccinate?
Science – anyone’s real world observations of people getting sick after vaccination, which prompts them to doubt vaccination aren’t following their science. Real world observations by regular people aren’t permitted in science, just our science is permitted. We control what you think, not you……….science.

Logic – if vaccines worked the way they are advertised, everyone with the flu should be unvaccinated, but they’re not.
Science – not interested, science

Logic – if all vaccines have listed side effects including permanent injury and death, how can you tell the public that vaccines are safe and effective? If science is the pursuit of truth, why hide the documented side effects away from the public?
Science – science

And like all things that claim authority over your thinking, they eventually become completely corrupted simply because everything we see in our modern age is merely the same evil force dressing up in a different disguise, to keep evil’s famous abuses and destruction of life moving forward.

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