I was talking with a self sabotage coaching client last week who was having a hard time understanding how the conventional medical system is abusive to children, with very obvious trauma based rituals like circumcision, vaccination (the injection of documented poisons), medical drugs only proven to destroy the body on every level etc etc. I even showed him the documents proving that the conventional medical system is the #1 cause of premature death in the United States and in the European Union. In the United States you’re 25 times more likely to be killed by a medical doctor compared to being killed by a firearm. All these FACTS are purposely hidden from the public, so the public can’t react to the truth……and therefore the public (just like my client) only react to the lies.

Regardless, he had hired me to address and help remedy his self sabotage. Self abuse in adulthood is most often related to trauma in childhood. I had to explain to him that he had a hard time recognizing the abuse of children, simply because he had a hard time recognizing the abuse he was doing to himself……and the reason for that was because the abuse he was placed under as a child had normalized abuse in general for him. Like all of us, this man was living inside a trauma based society so long, he could no longer feel the pot of boiling water he was already sitting in……..and that’s because trauma based adaptations in the mind always involve shutting down our ability to care, love or think deeply about what’s going on. Our reactions to trauma will always make us numb and make us seek anything that will keep that numbness going. That’s also why he was also overweight and addicted to coffee, beer, pizza, medical drugs and tranquilizing media……….because those addictions helped sedate his nervous system for all hours of the day. Self sabotage is about thinking everything is great (becoming a smiling and sedated depressive), as you kill yourself with anything that makes you numb and as your life falls apart because you’re using that sedated mind to make important decisions in your life.