Guy stops me and says, “I heard you’re against coffee. Why exactly are you against it?

So I show him the video below, which demonstrates that coffee cuts the oxygen to your brain by 52%…….and that effect lasts for 24 hours. The video shows a 40% reduction in blood flow to the brain, but when measured it was 52%. That percentage explained in the book at this added link. So if you drink one cup of coffee every 24 hours (and many drink that or more), you’re literally operating with half a brain. How are your relationships going, with half a brain? How are your finances going with half a brain? Want to start a business? Good idea, but how will you fare with half a brain, against your competitors who don’t drink coffee, who have all the oxygen getting to their brains? And guess what? Like a bad infomercial it gets worse.

Most people drink more than one cup and when someone drinks coffee, there’s a good chance their lifestyle isn’t “super healthy” on other fronts as well, which reduces brain capacity even more. But wait, it gets worse, if that’s even possible. Because caffeine is a poison, it triggers our fight or flight response. When our fight or flight response is activated, the brain inhibits higher IQ functions and initiates activation in the brain stem (the reptilian part of the brain), associated with extremely low IQ, childlike behavior, sex, food, violence and defense of territory. That means when you drink coffee (just one cup) you reduce oxygen to the brain by just over 50% but the part of the brain that becomes over active from the caffeine, is the extremely stupid and primitive part of our brain complex.

I’m not really against coffee, I explained to this man. I’m against you losing your way in this world because coffee/caffeine makes you inept, stunned, bewildered, disoriented and stupid. Fact. Proven. It’s time to start caring again, about everything. Our social engineers love this of course, because it nudges us in the direction that they want……..toward not thinking as a way of life, toward it being easier to allow them to think for us, toward us cheer leading and supporting a society where big brother takes the position of “thinker/controller“… we’re sedated and chemically lobotomized by the feel good poisons of coffee, fluoride, MSG, caffeine drinks, junk food, meds, sugar, wheat, nicotine, vaccines, alcohol, narcotics etc. Why think when we can tune out? Why think when we can party and feel chemically disconnected? Why think when we can take orders and become followers of the media, government and science doctrine? “THINKING” is now under attack and it’s chemical lobotomy that’s being encouraged at every turn by our human farmers. Can you make your life super successful with only half a brain (or less)? Most likely not. And that folks is why I don’t drink coffee or ingest any large doses of caffeine. Try moving through your life, applying a full brain to all your decisions. Your journey’s end destination will be better for it. Promise.