In traditional and convention law, there needs to a victim for a charge to be laid. Speeding tickets fall into a category of legality, which was never considered legitimate in our recent past. This most clever trick was based on hyper normalizing pre crime in the consciousness of the public, without the public knowing the end game of this very well designed sleight of mind. First, under conventional law, you need a victim for a charge to be laid and in the case of speeding there is no victim, in most cases. Second, this conditions the public to get comfortable with this corrupted area of manipulated legal spirit, known as pre crime. The first step in the plan is now complete. The public thinks this is all perfectly normal that legal charges can be laid when no victim is involved. Just the idea that “you were likely to commit a crime”. Not for sure….just MAYBE. That’s not the way the law was ever designed to work.

Now our social engineers want to push pre-crime to its intended destination with situations like people being arrested for just have large sums of money, reading suspicious material on the internet, speaking truth on social media or just for owning a certain legally purchased firearm. Once a society gets tricked into believing that no victim is necessary for the government legal system to initiate, then it’s open season for the psychopaths in powers. With the public now comfortable with the idea that there doesn’t need to be a victim for the government to attack, punish and detain….there’s a storm brewing on the horizon that will affect our society in the way this agenda was always designed to affect it, with increased government socialists based tyranny toward anyone not gushing the praises of the leftest fascists in power.

Some experts below run down the very sorry state of affairs in our world currently and how we got here……..