Lotteries are essential to government rule and are used as steam valves to release working class pressures that can build from a life time of mindless labor, down on the human farm. Ruling governments invented lotteries so the slave class could dream that being rich and free were indeed possibilities, as opposed to thinking about a 30 year sentence of hard repetitive labor they were tricked into by the same ruling families.

Not only does the dream of getting rich help calm the average slave, our handlers profit immensely from lotteries,….sort of an invisible dream tax levied on the unsuspecting and uninformed public. The same ruling families also dictate the societal values and beliefs of the working class through school, media etc ensuring that most lottery winners waste all their winnings anyway. 90% of all lottery winners are more poor one year after they win the lottery, pushing the lottery winnings back into the pockets of the ruling class, who organized the entire scam based public control system in the first place. The majority of people are financially dis-empowered by design and then if they happen to win the lottery, the societal values (they learn from our inverted culture) are preset to have the lotto winners destroy themselves in a hedonistic frenzy of shallow instant gratification. Again, 90% of lotto winners are bankrupt only 1 year after the pay out , regardless of the size of the win. Slaves aren’t taught about money purposely, so it doesn’t matter if you give them $5000 or $5 million, the media programming takes over and that money often dissolves into thin air. Our handlers know how the human mind really works.

Have you noticed that government education includes no financial or entrepreneurial courses for the children? Not to mention proven cases where the lottery has been rigged by officials from the inside. Not just random people acting alone of course. It’s called a con job because Khan or con in many languages means snake and snake means serpent……and serpent means “person of knowledge”, “the illuminated ones”………”the Illuminati.” Our human farmers purposely dumb us down on every level, as to increase their ease of governance and control over us. By helping us believe that one day we could be rich and stop being a slave, it helps us cope with our slavery and return to the salt mine more content Monday morning. As we notice, most lotto’s are drawn near the weekend, the time when the slave is sick and tired of being tied up in the barn with all the other human cattle, providing milk for slave master. The lotto pumps the fake hope through the slave’s nervous system, as to keep their rebellion in check.

As with all things our handlers plan for us, lotteries are advertised to be for our benefit…..but again they’re not. The topic changes but the outcomes never do for an unsuspecting public. So if you like the lotto, keep buying the tickets but keenly observe what happens emotionally inside of yourself when you dream about winning and understand that it’s this sort of emotional manipulation that is the basis of all human farming techniques. We’re governed by fake emotions pumped into the human herd by our masters of mind control, the ancient ruling families who are running this human farm.