There’s an infection in the minds of certain groups, a literal infection that makes them obsessed with death. It appears that this mental death and destruction mind virus is mostly housed to this day in key populations of our planet………including many of the inhabitants of the UK or at least the Royals who occupy that area.

The Royal family without a doubt is completely consumed by this mental death cult infection, sending out boat load after boat load of British citizens (for all of recorded history and beyond) to kill indigenous peoples around the world. Like all evil operations, it hates the light of day, because it becomes exposed as the true evil it really is when it walks as evil in broad daylight……and that’s when evil feels the pressure to take on various disguises so it can still kill while hiding as something else. Today this patented UK evil (which infects all corners of the globe) hides as big pharma, still parading into unconquered areas around the world to kill the indigenous people who are unaware that their genocide is still primary goal #1 of the ruling families from the UK and the other bastions of power they’ve set up around the globe.

As a white person myself, who lives in this “hatred of anything that’s living” culture, it’s so easy to become equally infected with this death cult mind virus and simply chalk it all up to being normal or “just the way things work.” It’s time the world understood that this death cult out of the UK has now infected most of the known world and that we’re all targets currently of this evil that can’t consume us fast enough……..designed as medicine, science and govenrment. Medicine, science and government are this ancient death cult in disguise, slaughtering the populations of this planet with pills and needles, instead of swords and guns. Beware the smiling assassins in the white lab coats for you may not understand exactly what’s going on at this moment in history. There’s nothing new under the sun except the clever disguises evil uses to walk openly in the light.

Argentina: vendidos como conejillos de india humanos. Laboratorio GlaxoSmithKline experimentó con niños de Santiago del Estero, Mendoza y San Juan.

Posted by Merk Abá on Monday, November 19, 2018