In order to become a registered dietician in Canada or the US, you must preach the standards of the Canadian Food Guide or the USDA Food Pyramid……….both of which have been concretely proven to cause accelerated disease, obesity and an extremely premature death.

Both eating guides preach the consumption of “slave food”, toxin based intakes documented to provide just enough energy to keep a slave barely coherent, and certainly less energy than a slave would ever need to get up off their knees and gain the strength to overpower slave master. Inside our inverted control grid, the order followers willing to repeat the lies of ruling families (who pose as our altruistic governments) are promised safety from the unstable world, suckling the tit of government from cradle to grave. Should an overweight person of any gender be a registered dietician? Of course not but in our bizarro world where everything is corrupted, rotting and festering……no one notices or even cares. It’s like when Pontius Pilate asked if he should release Jesus or Barabbas during the Passover and the crowd yelled “give us Barabbas” because when your society is nothing more than a tribe of practicing satanists, you don’t want Jesus walking among you, to remind you of what you really are.

And a “registered” anything is based on the word “regis”, which means PROPERTY OF THE KING. The same inbreeding royals still rule us from the shadows to this very day…….giving us everything from slave food eating guidelines to the bizzaro world where unhealthy people are claiming deep knowledge of health matters and teaching us to forget one of the most important phrases in recorded history……..”by their fruits, you shall know them.”