I know a lady who brings the largest suitcase a person can purchase, for a one night stay where ever she goes….literally packing 10-12 complete outfits for a single 24 hour stop over. What’s going on here psychologically?

What the lady will choose that day to wear has to do with what the other women at the event will be wearing. If the other ladies are going high end with their clothing choices, my friend mimics. If the theme is more “dressing down”, then rougher clothing is worn……but with a little twist. What ever the average of fashion in the group, my friend wants to dress a little better than everyone there. A good lesson in mimicking and also peer domination, interactions with males, self worth and the need to harvest energy from others because she’s not used to harvesting energy/self worth internally. Her inner self worth is set by the judgement of others. Her view of herself travels from others, into herself….instead of travelling from inside of herself and out into the world. This is a recipe for frustration, depression, addiction and many other forms of mental imbalance. Her life is a constant, “do you like me yet, am I pretty enough yet, do I fit in yet, am I safe yet, someone else tell me I have value.” It’s emotional, spiritual and energetic slavery.

It’s a situation of, “I sort of need to compete with the other women and maximize attention from the males, while pretending not to compete and attempting to keep this very juvenile behavior under the water line and out of sight.” It’s a very common form of energy vamperism today in our inverted society….the view of other women as adversaries. (you can thank the corrupted media for that) This sort of behavior is common in young teens but this lady is well into her mid years. Fear is the ONLY thing that blocks our natural right of passage from child to adult, so the only assumption to draw here is that this lady lives in a very old bubble of catastrophic fear, regarding being accepted by the herd and not feeling safe in the world. Until she deals with that, she’ll always be trapped in a permanent childhood and she’ll always be controlled by the whims of the herd. With no internal navigation, a person will literally beg to be navigated by others, which in turn is voluntary slavery.