Children (and even adults) are given the firm impression that the kids with the highest marks in school really had everything together and everything going for them. The truth is that school prepares children for job focus and job focus isn’t freedom. The children with the good grades are funneled toward better paying jobs but those better paying jobs can only buy you nicer stuff, not a life of independence, travel or leisure. The children given the bad marks (the kids who refused to play “repeater” for positive reinforcements from perceived authority) are funneled toward lesser paying jobs, ending with the same sort of restrictions. The size of your jail cell and how you decorate your slavery is the only difference between the children with good marks and bad marks, in the majority of cases.

Although I knew this, two young men out of California really drove this home for me lately. They said, “why exactly are you working all the time, when you could be just like us……..not working all the time, traveling and having much more control of your time?” And I said, “OK young punks, tell me more…” so they told me a great story. You can hear this story by going to their website, go the the “courses” tab and register your e-mail for the “automated income machine.” I’ve already used some of their tips to push my business forward dramatically in a very tough market. Brilliant ideas and presentation.

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