Non vaccinating male looking to maintain the tribe and produce healthy children. Potential candidates must be willing to breast feed for up to 3 years and have a holistic birth absent of all medical toxins and life destroying medical procedures like ultrasounds, chromosome testing etc. No vaccinating of any new children or existing children. Partner must not drink alcohol, eat junk food, use wifi, drink coffee, watch excessive amounts of TV, smoke anything, do any drugs and must fully dedicate her life to something larger than herself. Partner must be willing to be who she really is without make up, perfume, dying of hair, plastic surgeries, augmentations etc. Partner must be willing to have firearms in the home and be proficient with their use. Partner must have a deep knowledge of gardening, exercise, cooking, natural health and the perpetual attacks on our freedoms by media, government, science and medicine. Our focus would always be organic and chemical free. No wifi, no phones, no outside TV/screens unless documentary style self education programming. Production of healthy, non indoctrinated, home schooled children will be the focus… to re-populate the earth with the natural female and natural male. Female must be willing to take on the traditional role of mother and leader of the household, while the male takes on the traditional role of leader outside the household in regards to finances and external leadership duties. Partner will want for nothing financially and will be loved and supported in every way, which allows her to bring fourth her true cosmic power for creation, empathy and child rearing….. but beware that building a super strong dream team (between male and female) and engaging in healthy child production takes extreme dedication and an iron will.