Evolution is mandatory in this lifetime. God, the creator, nature etc (what ever you want to call it) demands evolution. If you don’t evolve, then nature will recycle you back into the earth, to give fair opportunity for someone else who may want to obey nature’s evolution based requirements. Saying that, this recycling stage can be a very long drawn out pain filled process…..where we don’t die immediately but we’re in so much pain, we wish we were dead.

Each painful incident is sent to us purposely to remind us of the work we need to do and the evolution we need to engage in. I see so many people ignoring that evolution based push when the pain teacher arrives. They sit in that pain, look it in the eye and then they ignore it, sedate to it (with caffeine, nicotine, sugar, alcohol or toxic meds etc) and simply keep doing what they’ve always done…….which is sit there not evolving. So nature or God (or what ever you want to call it) sends more pain….and these people simply sedate more, ignore it more, watch more TV, take more toxic meds, drink more, party more, eat more junk, smoke fatter joints, complain more, make more doctor’s appointments, drag more people into their pain vortex of inaction and rot etc. Humans are funny like that. They have the key to ending their own pain but they insist on keeping that pain because changing into who they really are scares them more than actually dying. This is how afraid a person can be of change……and that’s what self sabotage really is. A fear of change that doesn’t make any logical or rational sense what so ever. A good self sabotage coach can break that cycle, educate on these matters and help each person get moving with their evolution based journey.