The word soldier is literally sol-dier, which means “death of the soul” or “death of the sun”. Sol is Latin and French for sun. From the word “sol”, we also get “soul”…..simply because the ancients knew that the sun is necessary for all life and was responsible in some way for the intelligence that drives our thinking, which was referred to as the soul. As modern priests, perceived authority figures, government, medicine (new priests in white robes) manipulate us today with fake stories that attempt to explain our world……the ancient manipulators in our past were no different in regards to sun sacrifice. Everyone is familiar with the stories of ancient Mayan or Aztec priests making human sacrifice and throwing their victims down the sides of the pyramids. The priests would “lie” to the public (as authority does the same today) telling the people that in order for the sun to rise the next day, certain people had to be sacrificed to the sun God. These sacrifice victims were referred to as “soul diers” or soldiers. This lie was crucial for the ruling class because the open killing of people (by the state) kept the other millions in line through fear and trauma. (what we know today as PTSD) A person who observes the state killing at will in public ceremony (like 9/11, JFK, CNN war coverage etc), becomes a very obedient slave. The sun rises the next day but the lies are necessary to govern the terrorized masses, who become reflexively obedient in their fearful state.

Soldiers are lied to today in the same manner, offering death of their souls or their life energy (the sun bundles inside of themselves) so the ruling class can perpetuate this form of trauma based mind control, in plain sight. All the evidence you need is in the word itself SOL-DIER. 8 time tour of duty soldier Stan Goff explains this ancient con job, for anyone working in the military and for anyone working for the government in general.