There are general rules in life like the lazy fail, the unmotivated get left behind, the unhealthy die early and people who only pursue personal pleasures don’t have as good a life as a person who considers others………..but not in the perpetual fantasy land of government. What government has really turned into is a morality destroying black hole where up is down, black is white, lazy is hard working, poor is rich, immoral is moral, evil is Godliness and where the citizens who destroy the society are equal by law, to the people who maintain it. Government promises money for not working, fanfare for being last, job protection even if you continually fail your stated mandate and free services to support the lazy, unmotivated and self serving.

Everything from 9/11 where the government officials who permitted the attack to happen were given promotions and free vaccines for the repeating follower types, which promise optimal health, for injecting POISON no less……….government is now doing nothing but building a fabricated reality of complete inversion, while destroying any remnants to truth, natural law or altruism. A society like this can’t and won’t survive, as it’s obviously falling out of the sky like a lead zeppelin right now. We could even still turn it around but that’s why the government’s plan to destroy the society is so effective because government is the only belief system where lazy, fat and unmotivated gets you the same rewards as hard working, healthy and motivated…….and how many humans aren’t going to fall for that well laid trap? Seriously? The government orchestrated zombie apocalypse is well underway.