There’s an invisible contract being met in the market place today. Between the illusion makers and the people having passionate love affairs with the illusion. It’s a symbiotic relationship, where both parties get exactly what they’re looking for. First we have the evil force that literally consumes the energy of the newly born children, either killing them outright in their youth or traumatizing them into being reflexively obedient slaves, for the state or big business. Regardless of where the youth end up (working for big brother or for businesses owned by the same people who run the govenrment), the youth act as energy batteries, which power our corrupt system. The youth are fresh, spirited, programmable, strong and vital…….which makes them perfect pawns inside the state designed control grid. So this evil force needs parents to submit their children for trauma based events and poisoning. Many times they child dies immediately or dies of disease early in their youth, with this occurrence becoming more and more frequent….as the trauma and poisoning increase across the board. As A.I. based automation comes to the forefront, this evil force knows that less compliant slaves are required, so killing children outright via the medical, science and government poisoning channels is now the option being focused upon. This is why more kids are dying early today than ever before and the ones making it through….are brain damaged, crippled, weak and dependent unlike anything seen before in human history. So, again….the evil force needs the parents to willingly hand their children over for poisoning and trauma based mind control inside the corrupt medical, science and government institutions………but what does evil give in return, to close the circle and to complete a mutually beneficial contract?

The evil first hands out extra paper rectangles (fake paper money) to the parents who comply without question or resistance. This is often accomplished in the forms of jobs, mostly within government. Evil knows that the easiest way to keep the poison and child trauma flowing, is to give the parents good paying jobs inside the poison and trauma operation. Applicants need to tell the right lies to themselves first and then repeat those lies to others. After that, oddly enough, the big salary jobs (with pensions) appear out of nowhere. Wow, go figure. You can even get paid directly now for hurting your child, with the govenrment paying out BILLIONS to parents of vaccine injured or vaccine killed children, providing even more incentive to bring the children into the system for their mental programming. Such payments are not compensation after the fact. These are payments for complying. Seeing children destroyed in this manner is also extremely painful on the human spirit……so the evil force provides unlimited access to caffeine, alcohol, narcotics, prescription meds, sugar, junk food and never ending streams of mindless screen entertainment……to keep the compliant parents distracted and sedated to their part in the child sacrifice cycle. Most parents demand they live inside a fabricated and fake reality, where they believe they’re still good people, after they offer up their children… unlimited quantities of mind numbing chemicals are permitted into the slave camp, so parents can disconnect from reality at will. Lastly the evil force understands that it has one other very important job for the parent who complies with the destruction of their children. The media must always organize itself in a way to fortify the lies the parents need….so they still feel altruistic, noble and intelligent for forwarding their children into the scientific, medical and government blast furnaces. The media’s job is to reinforce the lies, attack any truth tellers trying to warn the herd and to make sure to protect the parents from ever having to look in the mirror, regarding what they’ve done to their kids or what’s really going on down here.

In the end, the evil force gets the children (as it has being doing for thousands of years) and the parents get everything they need to feel good about letting it happen, without question or resistance.