The message today in media toward females is that…. “you don’t need no man” and many females have taken this idea from movie screen and manifested it as their physical realities…….as humans are already proven to copy everything they see on a screen.

Our Liberal/Marxist human farmers love that this is all going according to plan because of course very few women (who ditch their men) can survive without government assistance, which was the agenda all along. You simply sub in “big brother” as the new “father/male figure” in the society and have every request come through it, which places the ruling families in control, not strong communities that are fortified with moral conventional family units. The BAD MOM’S revolution was always a planned agenda to sell fake freedom to the female, destroy family units, increase PTSD in the children of broken homes and sub in government as the new husband to all who comply with their hedonism gone wild programming out of the Hollywood hills. It’s as brilliant as it is sinister. As the public give away their personal power and insist on living as professional teenagers for their entire lives, the end of this very clever game looms on the horizon. A society who doesn’t remember what it would die to protect, has nothing to live for either……and that should be very obvious today as our culture is nothing more than a perpetual, never ending, self gratification ceremony. A society like this can’t sustain itself and will indeed collapse… was always the design of this media/government collusion to throw the entire culture down the evolutionary ladder.