I remember a young lady who was encouraged to go become a fashion model but she would have to travel 1500 miles and stay in a brand new city for much of the year. She realized that modelling wasn’t the best career move but it also wasn’t the worst either…..and she would also get to see the world at a very young age. Who knows where it could all lead. So what happened? She ended up staying exactly where she was and declined the offer because she was human…….but no one ever told her how every human in the world reacts in these exact situations.

She had an existing tribe in her home town……Mom, Dad, friends, family, boy friend etc. At the same time she wanted to travel to a new tribe, which is very scary for any human because the old tribe is safe, secure, familiar and predictable. The new tribe registers as “not as safe” and “dangerous” in the mind. In order to be able to change tribes, you need to actually foster the safety, security, familiarity and predictability you’re missing……….INSIDE OF YOURSELF. You need to charge yourself with the internal power and attributes needed to leave your existing tribe, migrate to a new area and then reconnect with a brand new tribe. So for awhile, you’re TRIBELESS and that’s OK if you can become caregiver and supporter to yourself for a brief stint. Although generating this internal strength is very hard, it’s also very rewarding and will always leave someone on their death bed feeling very fulfilled. Staying safe and comfortable is what can destroy you, if all you do in your life is play the safe card and never grow enough where you can carry what you need inside of your own heart and soul. In the end, your life will reflect your ability to manage tribe migration with confidence and bravery.

I was in the grocery lately and did see this lady, now 25 years older. She’s still extremely attractive but I wonder what she missed out on by never growing into a more confident version of he