It’s not hard to predict what’s going to happen before and during the Super Bowl because these events merely act as “program upgrade” opportunities for the masses. Humans are proven to mimic what they see, so our social engineers will use their Super Bowl screen time wisely to push the newest agendas and to upgrade existing ones.

We’re bound to see some amputated and female veterans of course during the opening ceremonies to upgrade the “war is beautiful programming”. Our social engineers want to coat the “war injured” in positive emotions so people don’t start questioning the war insanity. Our human farmers also want more women to abandon their traditional role in the family, so expect some female military personal to be highlighted for mind control purposes. A minority amputated female would really hit it out of the park for the desired mind programming but I don’t think we’re there just yet. An amputated white soldier will be the minimum paraded out during the opening ceremony, among an entire host of other military service men and women. Dedication to a fallen solider is a guarantee (maybe a moment of silence as well) because never ending war must be re-framed with positive emotion.

We’ll definitely see some tip of the hat toward the sexual confusion or transgender agenda yet that one will most likely appear in some commercials, potentially not making it to live opening ceremony. Children will be involved somewhere in the festivities, for no other reason than to keep them away from their parents and near the political pedophiles, who slither through such events like vipers in the long grass. The colors red and blue of course will be prominent in all commercials and pregame commentary…..and there are firm mind control reasons for those two colors. Alcohol consumption and distraction are the basis for such events, so there’s no need to go into the bread and circus aspects of the big game. The audience is the one being gamed, not the players. And of course no Super Bowl would be complete without a musical half time performance ripe with satanic symbolism. This year it’s Maroon 5 and of course to push the female power (men are weak/toxic) agenda, we’ll hear “Girls Like You” as the big song. We can also expect some military “war is warm and fuzzy” programming in the halftime show plus some sexual confusion, amputee, Invictus games, transgender sprinklings. Having some members of the Royal Family at the Super Bowl (the family who literally owns America) would complete the magical Hollywood slave psy-op but I don’t think we’re there just quite yet. Maybe next year. And yes I’ll be watching some of the game as the Super Bowl is a mind control researcher’s wet dream. The score of the game will be the same as last year……..the ruling families 21……and the uninformed public 0.