How trauma effects the brain is quite remarkable. One such adaptation is to become a chronic people pleaser. This adaptation should be simple to understand because the mind simply wants to “please” everyone around them, to lessen the chance of attack. Humans cherish safety and security above all else.

The “super trauma victim/chronic people pleaser type” has a big smile on their face each hour of the day, giving every ounce of energy they have to comply, obey and to maximize the happiness of others…….during every social contact. They usually arrive home completely exhausted both mentally and physically from such “fear driven behavior” and want nothing to do with “people” again until the next day……where they have to do it all again.

Not only does their energy go toward pleasing everyone, they actively self murder any signals from their body that such behavior isn’t sustainable long term. Their genuine self is never permitted to develop, grow or evolve. Being one with the collective now becomes the safety based focus. Big smile, often the joker, up for everything, always taking on too much, no ability to protect themselves from the energy vampires in the world and very little ability to use the word NO without tremendous amounts of guilt or anxiety. That anxiety and fear around using the word NO revolves around the trauma of past punishments that come in our society when you don’t comply, obey or live a life of reflexive obedience. Our society is bursting at the seams with these “people pleaser” types because our culture is founded on PTSD trauma based mind control tactics. (exported out the UK to all her trauma based colonies) Everything from a punishing God in catholic religion to bad marks at school and from police tickets for speeding (even though no crime was committed) to the social punishments for speaking against our corrupt system………it’s all about fear, terror and trauma based control of the population. The solution is investigating your own personal needs and re-developing your own personal sovereignty. Learn how fear is DOCUMENTED to be the best way to control you in the video attached. Your government and media are nothing but forms of official fear, designed as a mechanism of social control. The solution there is to demand less and less government, as time rolls forward. Government exists to inject so much fear into you, that you completely lose any sense of yourself.