Our society really likes a good “fall from glory and get back up story”. Sometimes it appears our society loves stories of people who fail and then just keep going, more than it likes stories of people who are consistently moral, ethical and fair. Bill Clinton comes to mind in regards to his affair with a young office assistant. His popularity soared after the affair, even though it was obvious his moral compass wasn’t set to that of a commander and chief. Tiger Woods comes to mind as well. Had everything, destroyed it, kept going……and most people loved it. But does it have to be this way?

Such open public adoration for the fallen hero getting back on the horse, primes the brain of many for self sabotage. When a society frames crisis and failure as heroic, the subconscious of the collective sees that and wants the emotional out pourings that sometimes comes with a “fall from glory” story, inside our heavily inverted society. In the end, we often self sabotage because we’re afraid of how far we can rise above others, to the point where we feel like outsiders…..which means the law of averages can dictate how far we rise up. We’ll rise up only as far as our ascent doesn’t often the crowd and make the people around us feel awkward for them not ascending. The key is to understand that although there’s a fear with rising up above the herd of mediocrity, it’s simply best to face those fears and keep rising anyway. Self sabotage coaching is designed to make sure you keep on rising, in the face of that fear.