In from a reader this morning……… he has awakened!


I want to thank you for your instrumental role in helping me awaken from my 24 year slumber. I first heard you on Ryan Martin’s podcast and have been listening/ reading your material ever since. Your honesty and enthusiasm when discussing taboo topics is refreshing given the current climate.

Do you have any advice on some actionable steps someone with zero background in health and nutrition could take to get in to this space? While I have no real experience, I have transformed myself in the last year or so and am confident that I have value to bring if only through the endeavors of improving my own health.

I have been prescribed anti-depressants, ADD meds, Accutane, prednisone, and numerous rounds of antibiotics for myriad “diseases”. I finally realized nothing other people were doing for me was working and it wasn’t until I took my health in to my own hands that I rid myself of all of those medications and now feel better I ever have. I began eating organically from local farmers markets, prioritizing sleep, filtering my water, spending more time outside, cutting out the relationships that didn’t serve me anymore and stopped doing any drugs including alcohol and caffeine. These among numerous other adjustments have improved my life and sense of well-being more so than I could have previously imagined.

When I truly think about where I want to go from here, it is clear that the most honorable and meaningful use of my time on this earth is to help others as well as myself get healthy and wake up to the lies their entire lives revolve around. It has occurred to me that 99% of jobs or careers are utter bullshit and only serve to perpetuate those lies and give people the illusion of accomplishment and progress.

That being said, I am currently confined to the shackles of wage slavery. I graduated a year and a half ago with a degree in finance and have been working in the field ever since. I am not the same person I once was, and I know I cannot mentally, physically, or emotionally tolerate spending the majority of every day drowning in the minutiae of meaningless work surrounded by dozens of people who secretly hate their lives but are too numb/in debt/drugged up/programmed/asleep/etc.. to do anything about it. I have some money saved up and don’t bear the burden of debt, plus I am in a position where I can easily switch lives/cities and move on to something else.

I recently started the CHEK Holistic Life Coach level 1 course as I know it is at least a step in the right direction.I am reaching out because your message really struck a chord with me and I do not know anyone in person that lives a life I feel is worth emulating. All of those doing laudable work I have found online. I know I need to create my own path, but I would greatly appreciate any advice you have for someone in my position.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Regardless of whether you respond or not I owe you a debt of gratitude for all of the enlightening information you share in a sincere effort to help out those who need it most.”