Don’t forget to do your part in the “evil hero” cycle. First thing to do is to poison your own child with vaccines, medical drugs, junk food, cancer causing wifi devices, toxic personal care products and butchering medical procedures. You also need to make sure you eat your fair share of toxic junk food and poisonous medical drugs (or even get a needle full of vaccine poison) when you’re pregnant, as to poison the child while they grow in the womb. Make sure the child is born sick and stays sick. It takes plenty of effort to poison your kid daily but with a little effort, it can become a habit you don’t even notice. Then when the child is sick because you made them sick, start a charity or attend a charity event and take a picture with them……to show everyone how much you care. And that’s it. GOOD WORK……you’re an evil hero. The “evil hero” cycle is exploding in popularity down here on planet mental asylum. Grab your poison, grab your kids………and get busy today. There’s no easier way to convince yourself that you’re a good person, doing good things…..than being an evil hero.