There’s something very evil about Liberalism, something lazy, something primitive, something self serving, something immature and something along the lines of a spoiled child in the seat of power. Here’s a case where Liberal beliefs just jumped the shark tank.

When a citizen is immature, self serving, short sighted, lazy and juvenile…….they may have sex without thinking about what they’re actually doing, beyond just pleasing themselves sexually. The pleasure of self is our most covert religion but that’s a post for another day. Then these “non thinking” people may get pregnant or get someone else pregnant. Then wanting to wash their hands of their own lack of insight or self control, they wish to simply kill the baby and move on with their day. Someone else clean up MY mess. CHILDREN masquerading as adults!

Currently the Liberal based belief system, which appears to becoming very close to satanism (a real church out of San Francisco California) has passed laws in NY State and has proposed laws in other states………legalizing the killing of fully termed, fully birthed, healthy children. Liberalism has now crossed over into the land of subjective morality and full blown satanic doctrine of “do what thou wilt”, which means ZERO MORALITY as long as self is served in the most evil ways imaginable….and I mean ZERO MORALITY. Radical Liberalism folks……..coming to destroy a community near you very soon, inside a society that wants to take NO responsibility for anything it does inside a hedonism gone wild culture. In a society of adults who don’t want to act like adults, satanism develops naturally.

THIS IS ABORTION! No one has the right to choose for another human being to be ripped apart limb by limb.Every American needs to see this!

Posted by Jake Hoffman on Monday, January 28, 2019