I rarely go out shopping because I require very few additional purchases in life but today I needed new glasses (so I can see my daughter swim) and I needed a new cell phone, because my current one has broken. As for how I use my cell phone safely please see this added link…. http://bit.ly/2hIpu4m

As I walked into the mall and various other areas today I couldn’t help but think of Dr. Zach Bush explaining the statistic of 1 in 3 being chronically ill by 2050. The hedonism gone wild living philosophy of most North Americans (where self maintenance isn’t even an after thought) coupled with the state sponsored poisoning of the entire population, is obviously hitting some extremely dangerous high notes. To a man who dreams of a functional, progressive and peaceful society……..I was terrified today. I mean, really, how do you ignore such disease and dysfunction when we’re drowning in it? Every conversation I overheard was, “he’s sick”, “she’s sick”, “medical test this”, “medical test that”, “surgery”, “he’s dead”, “she died” and some of this of course is natural but the vast majority is disease by design. A combination of indoctrination and a government lead enabling agenda designed to drive the entire population right off a cliff. As hundreds sat in a mall sipping toxic coffee and eating poisonous food like things, unemployed, all I could think was, “how can anyone be sitting, when there’s so much work to be done?”

It really gets to a point at times, when I consider for only seconds, the idea of saving myself and stopping this out pouring of energy to try and curtail our society’s 5 star joy ride into the abyss. It’s not that I don’t like trying but when does a logical man understand that there’s no stopping this culling of the uninformed masses. When does one scurry into the shadows for self preservation, as the zombie class becomes more and more enraged with anyone trying to point out that they’re being hunted by some very clever, very sinister and very ancient dark forces here on the planet? The organizations these people rely on to help them, are the very organizations charged with the chemical lobotomization and stealth euthanasia of the public at large. Do you keep warning the public or do you turn away and move self preservation up the priority list? As I walked into the world today, it was scarier than I remembered, and many things went through my mind.

I remember Dr. Zach Bush talking about the 1 in 3 disease epidemic by 2050. By 2050, 1 in 3 people alive will be too sick to work or care for themselves. Dr. Bush then explained that in Vietnam, the US Army developed special bullets that were designed to cripple the enemy, not kill them, and the reason why was because you need 2 healthy humans to care for 1 sick person. By crippling 1, you disable 3. Dr. Zach Bush understands that if we don’t turn back now, no one will be able to work by 2050, because everyone will either be sick or will be forced to care for the sick. This of course guarantees the end of our civilization as we know it. It’s literally unbelievable that we as humans aren’t smart enough to save ourselves or change our behaviors in a way that places are own survival above hedonistic pleasures. It’s now or never. Get healthy and change. Interview with Dr. Zach Bush at this added link. http://bit.ly/2B4n6wy