Mother describes for legislators what sort of life her and her vaccine damaged son has. Click here to read. The mother attempts to lecture and educate the corrupt politicians who take bribes from big pharma, which end with more and more vaccine damaged and vaccine killed children. What this mother doesn’t understand is that this was always the design of the system and that none of this was ever an accident, a chance happening or a misunderstanding of the science. Like all holocausts, the end goal is death and dysfunction, a very ancient way to maintain control of large tracts of humans. This holocaust appears different than others because it’s somewhat voluntary but as we’re seeing, as the public discovers that vaccines are designed to kill and cripple, evil just won’t let the child sacrifice ritual go…..and calls in the old ” corrupt government enforcement system” to keep the child sacrifice moving down the road, against the will of the people. If you’re a strong male, you know something about the local bully, which is now our corrupted government/media/science/medical system. The bully doesn’t stop bullying until you drive it so hard in the face, that the bully remembers never again to come within 5 feet of you….ever again. That time is coming for all corrupt vaccine bullies and evil people involved in this child sacrifice system.

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