I was talking to a guy yesterday about a lady he was trying to help get in shape and he was frustrated that she wasn’t making any head way. They would walk around the track at a local arena and he would provide diet advice to her but she wouldn’t follow it. After much effort put forward by him, her weigh hadn’t changed. He was asking my take on the situation.

To me it was simple. She was failing on purpose to maintain connection with my friend, her trainer. To all animals CONNECTION is the #1 priority in the psyche because connection registers as safety and security in the mind. By staying overweight and unhealthy, she would always maintain a longer and stronger connection with my friend. Inversely, by accomplishing the stated weight loss goals they set together, she would lose the connection. This was making her afraid to lose the weight. Not only would she lose him as a trainer if she got healthy, all her friends were overweight and so was her family…….so losing weight would jeopardize the connection to her trainer, her friends and her family (all at the same time).

Being overweight and sick was also now her identify. Her weekly agenda was chalked full of medical appointments, trips to the specialist, trips to the pharmacy, coffee shop gab sessions around toxic coffee and poisonous donuts etc etc. Disease, death and dysfunction was all she talked about, thought of and engaged in. Without sickness and ill health……she would lose every connection she had ever known. This lady, like so many others in our society, was gaining more connection through failure and disaster than she would ever gain by becoming successful and healthy. A psychic prison without walls, if there ever was one. Our social engineers also monetize, incentivize and cerebrate disease and dysfunction purposely…..to help lead the public off the proverbial cliff. In this society, if you’re sick……you have more instant connection than you know what to do with. If you’re healthy, connections are fewer. I also looked at him and said………”have you ever analyzed the motivation behind your own behavior?” and he said “what do you mean?” and I said “are you helping the wounded birds to satisfy your own need for long term connection because you know as well that the wounded birds will always fail?” and he said “shit…..wow, you might be right, never thought of it that way, wow!”

What are you connecting to in life? Evolution and betterment or perpetual chaos and disaster?Could you be tricked into leading your worst life, because the society offers more connection when you’re messy? For the human animal, it will always seek connection. Not connecting is NEVER an option. You must control what you connect to….because what ever you connect to will control you.