The metaphors to be found inside our inverted world are completely lost on most movie goers today and that’s a shame because if the movies were observed for what they really are (instruments used to hyper normalize our evil culture) we could actually evolve, ascend and progress as a species. Hollywood film is designed to irreparably damage our moral compasses and set us adrift into a life of despair, dysfunction, depression and disease.

King Kong is a prime example, a Hollywood piece of projectile vomit, launched into the collective public psyche every 15 years or so out of the satanic covet we know as LA LA Land. Repetitive words, images, symbols and phrases fortify the most effective mind control techniques and this is why Hollywood continually makes the same movies over and over again, so the immoral and evil messages are driven deep into the collective subconscious of the public. The metaphors behind King Kong are simple and they relate to cowardly humans feeding evil a sacrifice because they never consider destroying the evil, when it comes to consume life. There’s light and dark in this world (life and death, yin and yang etc) and there’s nothing more full of life than a woman because she brings fourth children, the womb being the main teleportation device from God, the creator. (children themselves being the only life force more pure than the divine female) So we have the small white blond woman on the sacrificial alter and the big black dark giant gorilla. This scene representing the never ending cosmic battle between polar opposites in our world……love and hate, black and white, evil and good, day and night etc.

The weaker a society gets mentally, physically and spiritually……..the more they acquiesce to this form of mind programming. Yes, there’s darkness in the world (always has been) and it will always be interested in consuming the life of the innocent and the defenseless. The darkness is always trying to siphon off life force that it doesn’t own, that it doesn’t have a rightful claim to and that it doesn’t deserve. That’s why the word “evil” is “live” spelled backward and “devil” is “lived” spelled backwards. Anything described as “evil” or “the devil” refers to anything that destroys life. This King Kong based theme is RIPE throughout our entire society because evil does come looking for life force it doesn’t have a right to every day in our culture…… like a corrupt government trying to increase your taxes (forcing you into undue stress and poverty) or a corrupt medical system trying to mandate toxic vaccines for children, while colluding with that same corrupt government. And just like in King Kong, the weakness of the culture (and the lack of real men) sees them place the sacrifice on the alter, instead of just hunting the darkness down and killing it once and for all. That’s what real men are supposed to do by the way, not offer up their women or children for sacrifice so they can keep leading their beta male existences. If some dark force wants your children and women, you fight and destroy that dark force………but not today, in our society of hyper feminized beta males and women who are super afraid to protect their own children because the men around them are weak physically, mentally and spiritually. This is why our society is now offering a feeding frenzy for the darkness.

Let’s just look at vaccination, never proven to increase immunity or resistance to disease in real world populations and only proven to destroy children on all measures of health, across the board, no exceptions. And yet, the parents run out and tie their children up for Kong and hid behind the big fence to watch their child consumed by government, medicine, science etc……… because the child literally acts as a human shield, so they can protect themselves personally from the darkness. We’re still doing this King Kong sacrifice of the innocent cycle today and that’s because we’re cowards, too afraid to hunt down the darkness and say “not today mother&%&(*, today you don’t get to feed on the energy of the innocent.” What have you personally sacrificed to the darkness, so it doesn’t consume you? Maybe your children, maybe your dreams, maybe your soul? Take a hard look and let’s turn this ship around.

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